APS InstituteAs a learned professional society, the APS is committed to ongoing psychology education and training for psychologists to ensure the Australian community has access to a highly skilled psychology workforce. This commitment involves enhancement of ongoing professional development and training for psychology practitioners at all career stages. As a national society, the APS has directed much of its professional training efforts in recent years toward the introduction of online learning for members working in rural and remote locations or who are constrained by the amount of time available for further training.

The APS Institute promotes psychology education and training for continuing professional development and credentialing in purpose specific aspects of psychological practice. It ensures maintenance of exemplary standards of education and training through a range of policy on governance and training standard.

APS Institute efforts in the first instance are focused on:

  • Consolidating and expanding online professional development options
  • Expanding and quality assuring the National Workshop series
  • Delivering professional development on key themes via webinar technology
  • Developing certified programs of advanced and refresher training in purpose specific areas of psychological practice that will lead to the award of APS Practice Certificates
  • Expanding opportunities for supervisor training to preparing interns for general registration and registrars for full endorsement

View the Board of Studies policy here. The APS Board of Directors has finalised the membership of the APS Institute’s inaugural Board of Studies. View the membership here.

Current APS Institute programs