Below are some common queries regarding eLearning courses offered by the APS Institute.

Getting started

  • How do I register for an eLearning course?

    Firstly, go to the APS events calendar.

    You will see a list of courses under the eLearning heading. Click on the course link and scroll down this page to the ‘register now’ tab. This will direct you to complete an on-line registration form.

    Before you register, please read the individual course description and related information carefully to ensure the course you have selected is the right one for you. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to indicate that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of course registration. These Terms and Conditions include information about materials copyright as well as about the length of your registration period. Please read them carefully before completing your registration.

    If you are an APS member, please ensure you use your existing membership log in details.

    If you are not an APS member but have registered previously for an eLearning course, please use the log in details you chose for yourself when you registered for that course.

    Having multiple user ID’s and passwords created problems for registrants as well as for the eLearning system and impedes our ability to keep accurate records on your progress.

  • What happens once I register?

    You will receive an automated email with your receipt of payment of course fees. This email will also contain confirmation of the user ID and password required to access the course.

  • How do I actually access the course once I have registered?

    Here are some quick and easy steps to get you started on your course:

    • Go to the APS website at
    • Click on the ‘Log in’ link towards the top right of the APS home page
    • Enter your previously supplied user ID and password
    • Locate the ‘eLearning Courses’ heading on the ‘Your Details Summary’ Page
    • The course you have enrolled in has a ‘go to course now’ link activated. Click on this link to commence your course



  • What are the minimum system requirements I need on my computer?

    Your computer and internet service must have the following:

    • Internet browsers
      Recommended: Latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.
      or you can also use: Internet Explorer version 9+, Safari 8+.
    • Internet connection
      Broadband connection (512 Kbps or faster to ensure a smooth delivery of audio visual content).
    • Browsers settings
      These settings should be enabled:
      • Cookies
      • Javascript
      • Pop-ups
    • Resource viewing
      Latest version of PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    • Audio
      Audio device such as speakers or headphones.
    • Plugins
      Some of APS Institute courses require Adobe Flash Player.
  • Why can’t I view the course material?

    If you have successfully logged into your course but cannot view the course material despite clicking on the correct links, it may be that your browser is blocking ‘pop ups’.

    (For example, you may click on an activity link and see a mostly blank screen with the words "If you have finished viewing this activity click here to return to the course".)

    The course material is delivered via ‘pop up’ windows so if these are blocked you will not be able to see the coursework. Most browsers display an onscreen diagnostic message in the form of a bar at the top of your browser window, with an option to ‘always allow pop ups’ for the website you are on. Alternatively you can manually change your browser settings to manage this.

    If you are unsure about how to unblock ‘pop ups’ please contact   and let us know which internet browser you are using. You will then be emailed detailed instructions of how to unblock ‘pop ups’.

    Additional Instruction for IE users enrolled in TCBT Course:

    We have noticed that users are having difficulty accessing the course material using the web browser Internet Explorer 11.  In addition to unblocking your pop ups, you will need to turn on the compatibility view.  Here are the steps:     

    • Click on the setting button (It looks like a gearbox symbol on the top right hand side of your eLearning page) and choose Compatibility View settings.

      IE Setting Menu
    • Make sure on the add this website box, it is showing as Click add button and then you can close this page. 

      IE Setting Dialog Box 
    • You might need to log out and log back in to make sure the setting has been applied.


  • My login doesn't work!

    The most common reasons people have problems with logins are:

    • The details are wrong. (Note: This is not the case in almost all circumstances, as the UserID and password are automatically generated and emailed directly to the participant. What is received is via the registration email is the correct information.)
    • The user has misread the userID and password and/or rekeyed it incorrectly.
    • The user has copied the userID/password, but picked up an extra space in selecting the text. The extra space is read and the userID/password fails.
    • The course access has expired. Registration creates a 6 month access right. After 6 months we will review and close your account.
    • The user has created multiple accounts, with different login details.


  • Video

    Most courses include video resources which are an essential part of the content.

    A small number of participants have issues viewing video. 

    The usual explanation is one of the following:

    • Their network is blocking access to videos. Solution is to work from another location e.g some Defence Force staff have to complete coursework from home
    • The bandwidth is inadequate to access video. Solution is to work from a location with better bandwidth e.g. Some people do the video watching on their commercial work network
    • Their browser has configuration problems. The solution is to update their browser, or use another browser
    • They are blocking popups, when the video plays in a popups window. Solution is to unblock popups.

    If you are having ongoing issues viewing video, please contact We will need to know the course, module video and what browser you are using.

Participating in online coursework

  • When can I access the course material?

    Once you have successfully completed the registration process, you will be able to access the course material at any time, 24 hours a day, as it is delivered on-line. The standard duration of your enrolment is six months unless specified otherwise. 

  • Is there IT support available if I have problems with course access or with printing my certificate of completion?

    Course assistance is available during normal APS business hours (8.45 am – 5.15 pm Australian Eastern Time) and can be obtained by clicking on Contact APS eLearning link under Important Links section on the top right hand side of your eLearning page.

    Alternatively, eLearning users can call the APS National Office on +61(0)3 8662 3300 during normal business hours and speak to an APS Institute eLearning administrator if one is available.

    However, to help us diagnose your problem effectively, it is better to use the Contact APS eLearning link and form to which we will respond as soon as possible during business hours.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    Your course registration unless otherwise specified will be active for 6 months from the date your register. You must complete the course within this 6 month period or within the otherwise specified registration period.

  • What happens if I fail my assessments?

    Each course unless otherwise specified contains one or more formal pieces of assessment that normally take the form of a number of multiple choice items. You are automatically permitted 2 attempts at each piece of formal assessment.

    If you do not successfully meet the requirements of the assessment in a first or second attempt, you can contact the Institute at and request a reset of your assessment. You will need to indicate the course and exact assessment requiring a reset. Please include the name of the course, your name and/or userID, and the specific assessment that needs resetting.

  • How do I download my certificate of completion?

    You must complete all components of the course successfully, including the assessments and, where required, the course evaluation, in order to access your certificate of completion. The eLearning system will retain a record of your course results for a period of 12 months but you are strongly encouraged to print your certificate once you have completed all of the course requirements.

  • What happens if I can’t complete the course within the registration period?

    Access to the course will expire. Your progress to date will be saved. You may re-register on-line, pay another course fee, and get access to the course again.

  • Can I apply for an extension?

    If you are unable to complete the course work due to unforeseen circumstances you can apply in writing for an extension of your registration to the Head of the Institute at

    Extensions are normally awarded on compassionate grounds, on grounds of ill health, or on grounds of misadventure. You may be asked to provide suitably worded independent evidence that corroborates the reasons for your request. Requests for registration extension will be assessed on a case by case basis and in accordance with the Institute’s assessment policy. You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your request.

  • Are there any course discounts available?

    Overseas participants are offered a GST-free registration price.

    If you have a group of people, ten or more, who wish to complete a course we will offer a discounted registration for the group.

    To obtain a group discount we equire payment for the group in advance. We then manage the registrations as required. We would need name and email details for each participant to allow us to complete the registration.

    We offer a substantial discount to APS members for the Fundamentals of Private Practice course.

  • Can I claim CPD hours?

    You can accrue active CPD hours for all courses. Please refer to the individual events calendar listings because the number of hours you can accrue varies from course to course. 

    You may accrue College specific CPD hours for some eLearning courses; however, the onus is on you to determine the relevance of the eLearning to your area of endorsement, based on your own learning goals, and be able to justify its relevance if you are selected by the Psychology Board of Australia to participate in an audit. 

    APS members can find comprehensive information on CPD requirements including College specific requirements on the APS website at

    To access this information you will need to log in using previously supplied log in details. 

    Non APS members are advised to refer to the CPD guide found on the website of the Psychology Board of Australia continuing professional development registration standard 

    Please be aware that APS regards your certificate of completion and not your receipt of registration as evidence that you have successfully completed an eLearning course.