The APS Institute hosts regular webinars on topical issues relevant to psychologists. Before you register for a webinar, please read the webinar FAQs.

Webinar Series: Increasing Patient Coping Skills with Chronic Disease.

The Institute is planning a series of webinars during 2016 and 2017 that feature psychological interventions for patients/clients with a particular chronic disease. The focus will be helping them to cope with the features, symptoms, illness perceptions and treatments. The presenters will cover some basic principles but also the unique features of the condition with case examples to enhance the clarity and practical nature of the presentation.

The first of these will be presented by Prof David Horne, Clinical Psychologist, and his topic will be Increasing Coping Skills Cancer Patients. This webinar will be held on Tuesday, August 16, 7 – 8:30 PM AEST.

Webinar overview:

In this webinar David will discuss how a transactional model of coping (Lazarus and Folkman) combined with Cognitive Behaviour therapy (CBT) can be utilised to optimise the ability of cancer patients to cope with their illness and associated treatments.

This coping model will be explored using illustrative case examples.