Welcome to the ATAPS Clinical Support Service web portal. The APS, with funding from the Department of Health and Ageing, has developed this service for allied health clinicians working under the ATAPS Suicide Prevention, and ATAPS Child Mental Health Services (CMHS).

About the ATAPS CMHS Professional Development Training

The online ATAPS CMHS Professional Development Training program aims to both up-skill the current ATAPS workforce and also extend the skills and knowledge of more experienced mental health professionals in order to work effectively with children (aged between birth-11 years of age) who have, or are at risk of developing, a mental disorder, and their families.

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About Suicide Prevention online training

The online Suicide Prevention training program aims to equip allied health clinicians with foundational knowledge and skills to assist their work with those at risk of suicide and serious self-harm.

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Clinical support for ATAPS CMHS service providers

Clinical support for ATAPS suicide prevention service providers

Peer networking - CMHS

Peer networking - suicide prevention

Tools & resources

Tools and resources

Access a range of tools and resources to assist in your work under the ATAPS services.

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Clinical Support Service hotline

The Clinical Support Service has been designed to provide clinical support and assistance to ATAPS workers.

This service is not a clinical supervision arrangement or a crisis emergency service.