Between 2012 and 2015, the APS, in collaboration with other health professionals, developed and implemented education, training and support for Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) programme clinicians delivering Child Mental Health Services (CMHS). The Commonwealth Department of Health provided funding assistance under the ATAPS programme for the development of the training and subsequently subsidised training places.

As at 31 December 2014, 1,844 ATAPS professionals had registered for the subsidised online CMHS training, and of these 913 had completed all the components.  Existing registrations will not incur any additional cost to complete the course.

All subsidised training places are now fully utilised however the training will remain available to ATAPS and other clinicians on a fee paying basis. This ensures that the training can be regularly updated and remain available and relevant to clinicians into the future.  Registration to undertake the training is available via the APS Institute eLearning website.

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The ATAPS CMHS training package consists of two on-line courses:

  1. Children's Mental Health Service Professional Development Training: Fundamentals; and
  2. Children's Mental Health Service Professional Development Training: Enhanced.

The two courses in this training program are designed to up-skill the current ATAPS workforce and also extend the skills and knowledge of more experienced clinicians in order to assist ATAPS providers to work effectively with children (aged between 0-11 years of age) who have, or are at risk of developing, a mental disorder and their families.

In order for mental health professionals to acquire/retain their eligibility to work under the ATAPS CMHS initiative, they must complete the first of these courses (CMHS Professional Development Training: Fundamentals).

The total time required to complete the training is approximately 18 hours for the Fundamentals Course and 14 hours for the Enhanced course, with considerable additional resources. The fee is set at $250 for each course.

For details about the ATAPS program please click here.

Further information is also available in this FAQ