Hobart: Climate change free public forum

Climate change is arguably the biggest challenge facing the human race.

The next time you are in a room full of people, ask them how concerned they are about climate change. All the hands will go up. Then ask them whether they intend to change their behaviour in order to reduce their carbon emissions. Again, all the hands will go up. Then ask how many will get rid of their car in the next two years. Virtually no one will put their hand up. This is the problem.

It's not just about changing people's behaviour. First we need to encourage their thinking to create a mobilising sense of urgency, not a paralysing one.

WHO: Australian Psychological Society

WHAT: Free climate change public forum

Featuring internationally renowned climate change and environmental psychology experts.

  • Professor David Uzzell, first environmental psychology professor in the UK, environmental spokesperson for British Psychological Society to the EU and other European bodies.
  • Dr Barrie Pittock, CSIRO fellow, author of ‘Climate Change: Turning up the heat.'
  • Associate Professor Joseph Reser, social and environmental psychologist.

WHEN: Tuesday, 23 September 2008 at 5.15 pm

WHERE: Concert Hall - Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart

Pre-forum interview opportunities:

  • Professor David Uzzell
  • Dr Barrie Pittock
  • Associate Professor Joseph Reser

Discussion topics include:

  • How can we effectively change human behaviour to tackle climate change and create a sustainable environment for all species, all people and all generations on the planet?
  • How can psychologists help people adjust and adapt to what is expected to be a very long term and global natural disaster?
  • Can a sense of urgency be mobilising rather than paralysing?
  • Can human agency be enhanced and harnessed to save rather than destroy the planet?

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To coordinate an interview, please contact Elaine Grant:
M: 0412 683 068 or e.grant@psychology.org.au