In business, a combination of psychology and a vocationally specific business course is very attractive to employers. Roles include:

  • Marketing and market research
  • Public relations
  • Human resource management
  • Industrial relations
  • Management

You might consider some of these courses:

  • TAFE courses: Certificates or Diplomas in human resources, public relations, or Marketing
  • Graduate Certificates and Diplomas, for example, human resource management, industrial and employee relations, or public relations.

It is also possible to gain employment without completing further business-related study, including:

  • Market research: Research assistants in market research companies
  • Human resources: Entry level positions in human resource administration, or in specialty areas, for example in recruitment*
  • Employment services: Assistant/associate employment consultant roles with job network agencies, and
  • Management: Trainee programs in retail*.

* See also Graduate Programs