The Narrative Theory and Practice in Psychology Interest Group Narrative Therapy Research and Development Award

The Narrative Therapy Research and Development Award recognises and encourages excellence in the field of narrative research and development.  Its aim is to acknowledge and reward psychology graduates as well as other professionals who have devoted their time to Narrative research.  The award will be given to promote and facilitate the publication of research material, to broadcast more widely the efficacy of post-structuralist therapeutic interventions and narrative contributions to the field of psychology.


  1. The Narrative Therapy Research and Development Award is the responsibility of the APS Interest Group on Narrative Theory and Practice. 
  2. The National Committee of the APS Interest Group on Narrative Theory and Practice will appoint three members to form a Selection Committee who will make recommendations to the National Committee as to who they believe should be the successful recipient of this award.
  3. The Selection Committee may also recommend that one or more Certificates of Commendation also be awarded.
  4. The Award will be presented at the Society’s Annual Conference and will be published in the APS InPsych Magazine.


  1. Nominees need to be a Member of the Society.
  2. Students and psychologists who are eligible for the award must have completed a research report or thesis in the area of narrative therapy in the period since the previous award was presented.  Examples of eligible candidates for the award include but are not restricted too;
    1. an accredited fourth year psychology program; or
    2. an accredited Masters program;
    3. Psychologists who have devoted their time to Narrative Research
    4. Other applicants who have enhanced the work and knowledge in the field of Narrative Therapy

Nomination process

  1. A call for nominations for Narrative Therapy Research and Development Award will be made annually in the June edition of InPsych. Australian University psychology departments will also be advised of the award as well as other tertiary institutions.
  2. Applicants can apply for an Award Nomination form via email. The Applicant will then receive an email with the Nomination application form attached. The applicant will need to fill out this application and send it back along with a copy of their abstract.  
  3. Applicants must send 3 copies of their research report, thesis, or project evaluation, addressed to the Chair of the selection committee before the date set in the call for nominations.
  4. Nominations do not need to be supported by a proposer, seconder or referee.
  5. Candidates may nominate themselves or be nominated by their supervisor or a Member of the Society.

Selection criteria

In judging the nominations for the Narrative Therapy Research and Development Award the selection committee will consider the exploration of evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence and the design of qualitative as well as quantitative methodologies. Criteria also includes the contribution to the field of narrative psychology and its relevance to the psychology profession and its future direction. Consideration will be taken of its application in the following areas:

  1. contribution to the development of narrative approaches and practice and its visibility in mental health, community and supervision contexts. ;
  2. the degree of innovation in research design and methodology;
  3. the relevance of the findings to demonstrate effective applications of narrative therapy as a focused psychological strategy in the areas of mental health, trauma and other relevant areas.
  4. how the findings promote an understanding of the effectiveness of narrative therapy approaches and applications;
  5. contribution to professional practice; and
  6. any implications for the future directions of the psychology profession influenced by the narrative theory and practice paradigm.

Value of the award

Successful candidates for Narrative Therapy Research and Development Award will receive an award of $600 and a certificate.

Closing date

Nominations close on 31 October

Member Group Administrator
Tel: 03 8662 3300

Past winners



Rebecca Bargenquast Assoc MAPS
“Narrative psychotherapy: A recovery-oriented intervention for enhancing self-experience in people with Schizophrenia”