The Scientific and Executive Committees of the 30th International Congress of Psychology have extended an invitation to APS members to attend and/or present at the 2012 International Congress of Psychology. The Congress is held under the auspices of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS), which is affiliated to the International Science Council (ICSU).

The Congress will be held at the widely-acclaimed Cape Town International Conference Centre, South Africa from 22-27 July 2012. For the first time, Africa will host this quadrennial flagship gathering of the global community of psychologists. A particular special invitation is extended to APS members who are former South Africans.

Organised around the theme 'Psychology Serving Humanity', the Congress is committed to showcasing new frontiers of psychological science and practice as the means for improving, developing and enriching society. The Congress theme emphasises the useful ways that psychology as a discipline can translate its science and practice into the knowledge, skills and tools that enable it to serve humanity. In addition to featuring world-renowned scientists and practitioners, the Congress will provide an interactive forum for the exchange of cutting-edge information and ideas that drive the discipline to new levels of excellence in serving humanity.

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