Don’t know where to start? 

This self reflection exercise (electronic version PDF, 183KB ) or (printable version PDF, 64KB) is a starting point. It is designed to encourage thinking about the actions you and your organisation are already taking – and to stimulate new ideas about could be done by individual members or the APS as a whole to achieve Reconciliation. It was developed by Reconciliation Australia and adapted by the APS for your use.

If you wish, you can share any or all of your responses by emailing We welcome your input.

One APS member – a senior psychologist working with children in Sydney - said of the exercise:

"It is a terrific guiding process to encourage thinking about the various areas where we might be able to challenge ourselves to connect more closely with reconciliation and constructively support the RAP…we each (as a team) found the process challenged our thinking and we had a good, lively and  wide-ranging  discussion and found we are thinking in quite different ways about reconciliation and how we might support it individually, in our workplace and in the wider organisation."