We’re hoping to build on the more than 500 NPW events run by psychologists last year which included community festivals, forums, seminars, webinars, presentations teas, and public displays that highlighted psychology and its contribution to the Australian community.

Resources for organising and promoting NPW events

A guide to assist individuals or groups running events is available from the NPW website, with advice for working with the media including a media alert template that can be tailored to local events. There are also extra resources to download, including NPW logos, a tip sheet, and templates that can be customised for PowerPoint, Word and posters.

Every registered NPW event is also entitled to an event promotion pack, containing stress balls, balloons, posters, bookmarks and stress brochures to help draw a crowd to the event. Go to the NPW website for more information.

Social media

The NPW Facebook page at www.facebook.com/NationalPsychologyWeek now includes an event search tab, to allow a search without having to leave Facebook. We are developing content to share on social media, including infographics and short films. Research shows that such visual content is more likely to engage audiences and encourage people to share, spreading NPW even further into the community.

Members are encouraged to share these resources via their own social media accounts. Links to the content will be available in the resources section of the NPW website as they’re released, or follow the official NPW social media accounts and share content from there.

NPW-related tweets can be tagged with the #NPW2013 hashtag. Follow the official APS Twitter account @APS_Media for tweets that can be retweeted and shared with followers.

Annual Stress and Wellbeing Survey

The APS is again conducting the annual national survey to highlight stress and wellbeing in Australia. This comprehensive survey aims to measure the levels of stress and wellbeing, including workplace wellbeing, across the adult Australian population. The 2013 survey results will be released during National Psychology Week.

NPW turns 10 this year!

Message from Amanda Gordon Hon FAPS, past APS President and founder of National Psychology Week

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of National Psychology Week, which was designed as a celebration of our science and discipline. National Psychology Week provides an opportunity for APS members to sing out loud about how what we do impacts on individuals, families and communities, to enhance wellbeing and happiness.

During National Psychology Week, members get together around the country, as psychologists, colleagues, workmates. We also use the Week to promote the work we do through the media, so that the Australian community recognises the valuable contribution that psychology and psychologists make to their lives. Over the years, the APS has become more sophisticated in targeting the media with specific stories about research undertaken by the APS, as well as member research of particular interest to the community.

With a ten-year history, journalists now are primed to expect stories about psychology and psychologists during the second week of November. Local news outlets are often keen to talk about what their local psychologists might be doing, with human interest stories being as important as reports of scientific news. I urge you to embrace the second week of November as OUR time, during which we can connect with our clients, readers, referrers, colleagues and the general community, so that they understand our work better and are less mystified by psychology.

Direct NPW enquiries to communications@psychology.org.au or phone (03) 8662 3300 or 1800 333 497 (outside Melbourne).

Visit www.psychology.org.au/NPW for all information

InPsych August 2013