The APS works proactively with the media issuing a range of topical media releases and generating many APS news stories across the year.

Please find below media releases and links to samples of the most recent coverage achieved. Due to copyright constraints articles are not permitted to be reproduced. These links will be updated regularly.

Media releases

Sample media coverage

Psychology Week 2015

More Australians anxious than ever
18 November 2015   Brisbane times

FOMO leading to depression, anxiety for teenagers
8 November 2015  The Daily Telegraph

More Aussies gambling to relieve stress
8 November 2015   The Western Australian 

FOMO: Teen Anxiety, Depression, And Social Media Burnout
8 November 2015  Huffington Post

Social media causes FOMO
19 November 2015  The Border Mail

Stress and FoMO: the perils of social media experienced by many teenagers

Australians report finances are causing most stress in life
16 November  2015  The Daily Telegraph

FOMO causes stress, anxiety and depression
9 November 2015  Radio National Drive program

Wellbeing survey reveals nearly half of teens stressed by social media
8 November 2015  The Courier Mail

The number of people using gambling to relieve stress has skyrocketed
19 November 2015  Mail online

'FOMO': Heavy social media use leading to depression among teens
8 November 2015   SBS News

More Australians gambling to relieve stress
8 November 2015

Select media coverage of the 50th APS Annual Conference

The five stages of kicking addictions according to Carlo DiClemente
26 October 2015, The Age

Golden future for Australian psychologists
10 September  2015,  Health Times

Popular psychology: Changing bad habits, animal assisted therapy and social media for teens
2 October 2015,   ABC Brisbane Afternoons         

The five stages to making lifelong change to bad habits
6 October 2015,   

Caffeine can reduce driver error: study
30 September 2015  (plus 13 other sites)

OCD treatment: Online trial for sufferers shows promising signs of success
2 October 2015,  ABC News online

Domestic violence offenders to have visas rejected
28 September 2015,  Courier Mail

What leads to a happy and healthy life
24 September 2015,  Radio National Afternoons

Caffeine reduces driver errors on the road, says Australian research
2 October 2015,  International Business Times

Study find homophobia and discrimination are alive and well in our suburbs
2 October 2015,  Daily Telegraph

Improving psychological care for cancer patients
10 October 2015,  Health Times

Social media at bedtime linked to poor sleep and poor mental health for teens
29 September 2015,  Medical Express

5th APS Forensic Psychology Conference

Lack of funding curbs treatment for arsonists say researchers
21 April 2015,   The Age (+ 153 other outlets)

Punishment leads to re-offending says psychologist
15 April 2015,  4BC radio

APS College of Health Psychologists Conference

Psychology conference tackles health behaviours
31 March 2015,  Health Times

Health problems associated with intermittent employment undercut Jobactive emphasis on short-term work
12 April 2015,  The Age (+145 other outlets)

Experts body image pressure affects boys too
10 April 2015,  MindFoods

Forgot to include this clip for inclusion under Health Conference in Latest News:
Body image an increasing concern for young boys
10 April 2015, 
ABC PM radio

Pain management program targets urban Indigenous people
7 April 2015, Health Times