Closing Date: 5pm Monday 22 May 2017

The Board of Directors of The Australian Psychological Society Limited is seeking Expressions of Interest from Members of the APS who are interested in being appointed to the APS Code Review Committee commencing around mid-2017.

Background and General Information


The current APS Code of Ethics was approved by the APS at its AGM in September 2007. The previous version was approved in September 1997, and the one before that was in 1986.

The last process of review took just under two years and involved transforming the 1997 domain-based Code to the current principle-based one.

As can be seen from the above dates, reviewing the Code has been completed on an approximate 10 year cycle.


Feedback from informed members involved in the ethics area and those on relevant committees suggest that the current Code does not need transforming, but rather refining, particularly on issues such as:

  • the definition of client;
  • the allowable disclosure about risk of harm and recent changes to the Privacy Act (1988), which removed the requirement of the risk to be imminent;
  • potential exploitation of contractors and other business related matters such as “receiving benefits from referrals”; and
  • clarifying if and when testimonials may be used.

Timeline and consultation process

The aim is to review and refine the Code in time for consideration at the September 2019 APS AGM.

General Information

Composition of the Code Review Committee
The Code Review Committee shall comprise the Chair, and up to seven other Members of the APS appointed by the Board.

Term of membership of the Code Review Committee
Members of the Code Review Committee shall each be appointed for the task of reviewing the current Code of Ethics which is scheduled to be completed by the September 2019 APS AGM.

Operational details
The Committee will meet initially face-to-face in the National Office, and then by audio-conferences, and at such times as determined by the Chair.

The Manager Member Services and Ethics from the National Office will be responsible for providing administrative input and support to the Code Review Committee.

Reporting relationships
The Code Review Committee reports to the Board.

Attributes and competencies of Members of the Code Review Committee
The following attributes, competencies and qualities required to be aneffective Member of the Code Review Committeehave been provided to guide members when they are considering responding to this Call for Expressions of Interest:

  • demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of the APS Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines;
  • demonstrated appreciation that the Code is a foundation document which applies to all psychologists in all professional circumstances;
  • an understanding of how ethical issues can be addressed by the Code;
  • writing the Code in such a way that the standards can be enforced by investigative bodies;
  • awareness of the implications and consequences of creating particular standards of the Code;
  • generate a Code that reflects the standards of the psychology profession;
  • capacity to write succinctly and clearly; and
  • an ability to be objective and impartial.

Selection process

At the first Board meeting after the close of this Call for Expressions of Interest, theExpressions of Interest received will be reviewed, and the Board will appoint Members of the Code Review Committee effective from mid-2017.

The Board will appoint Members whose contribution the Board believes will enable the Code Review Committee to best meet its objectives.

Lodging an Expression of Interest

Members of the APS who wish to lodge an Expression of Interest should complete the below Expression of Interest Form including:

Expressions of Interest can be lodged no later than the closing date of 5pm, Monday 22 May 2017.

Online Form - EOI - APS Code Review Committee for 2017-2019