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Anxiety, Depression and the Brain: The 10 'Best-Ever' Treatment Techniques

Format Training Course
Presenters Margaret Wehrenberg
Description This two-day training, Anxiety, Depression and the Brain, will provide those 10 'Best-Ever' specific, practical interventions that make an immediate difference in the recovery from these most common mental health disorders. Grounded in the neurochemistry of depressive and anxiety symptoms, the seminar will explore how psychotherapy can change the brain function that causes these symptoms, bring relief and offer hope for long-term recovery.

In two days of lively, didactic and experiential learning, clinicians will strengthen their skills to relieve the most distressing symptoms of anxiety and depression that affect so many of their clients regardless of other co-morbid conditions, such as addiction or PTSD. Geared to be effective for all ages and clinical populations, these methods will provide a complete toolbox of interventions for the varied and challenging symptoms that bring clients into therapy.

Noting the different underlying causes of depression based in neurobiology, the one day on depression will offer management techniques for the physical and mental lethargy prominent in depression, provide ideas to intervene on burnout or change the hopeless and helpless thought patterns that plague people with depression and offer proven, pragmatic ways to strengthen the brain circuitry for joy.

The day on anxiety will address physical, cognitive and behavioural patterns of the anxious brain, including specific methods to eliminate panic, worry and the avoidance behaviours of social anxiety. It will differentiate symptoms of anxiety and other disorders such as hormonal imbalances, A.D.D., and Asperger's disorder. Teaching with case examples and experiential practice, Dr. Wehrenberg will demonstrate how to use interventions to best advantage for symptom relief and clinicians will not only leave with new, brain-science based ideas for treatment, but will learn how to make what they already know work even better.

MARGARET WEHRENBERG, Psy.D. is a psychologist in private practice and specialises in the treatment of anxiety and depression. She is the author of The 10 Best Ever Depression Management Techniques and 3 books on anxiety, The Anxious Brain, The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques, and the recent, The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques Workbook. She is a frequent contributor to the award-winning Psychotherapy Networker magazine and is an internationally recognised speaker on these topics.

Dr. Wehrenberg has conducted seminars for the AATP for over 20 years and is, without reservation, our finest trainer. Her seminars are comprehensive, content-rich, current and always relevant, but it's her delivery that is as impressive. Her intelligence is laced with humour; her clinical experience interwoven with supportive research and theory; her case examples honed to demonstrate key points, and her warmth radiates making each session personable and personal. She is the best, as our evaluations consistently show. Janis Gomien, President, Academy of Addiction Treatment Professionals

Margaret is 'hands down' one of the best seminar leaders I have worked with. She has trained thousands across the United States to rave reviews. Margaret's seminars are clinically relevant, well-researched and practical, providing solutions, strategies and interventions for even the most challenging client. Michael Olson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing / Publishing Acquisitions, CMI Education Institute Inc.

Dr. Wehrenberg's workshops on anxiety and depression provide an excellent blend of theory, practical techniques and time-tested strategies. Through her presentation style, she demonstrates a warm and highly effective therapeutic presence. Backed by solid research, her interventions are often deceptively simple but go far beyond a superficial band-aid approach and promise to establish the conditions for long-term behavioural change. Michael Kerman, founder and president of Leading Edge Seminars Inc., Toronto, ON, CA.
Location NSW Metro, Australia
Venue Vibe Hotel North Sydney
88 Alfred Street, Milsons Point

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 19 Nov 2012 to 20 Nov 2012
Time 9.00am to 5.00pm
Cost EARLY BIRD (by 1/10/2012) Subscriber to 'Psychotherapy in Australia' journal $455. EARLY BIRD (by 1/10/2012) Non-Subscriber $475. REGULAR (after 1/10/2012) Subscriber to 'Psychotherapy in Australia' journal $485. REGULAR (after 1/10/2012) Non-Subscriber $505.
Notes 14 HOURS OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PsychOz Publications offers high quality professional training events with a clear focus on psychotherapy and counselling for a range of clinicians in the field. The trainers selected for these events are highly qualified senior Australian and International members of the psychology and psychotherapy community. Certificates of Attendance detailing 14 hours of professional training and the qualifications of trainer will be supplied at the mid-afternoon break on the final day. Certificates MUST be collected IN PERSON. Delegates can use the Certificates to document their selected activities relevant to their learning needs.
Organiser PsychOz Publications
Contact Name Events Manager
Telephone 03 9855 2220
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