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The Practice of Sex Therapy: A Three Day Workshop

Format Workshop
Presenters Dr Sandra Pertot
Description The first two days of the workshop address the assessment and management of the range of sexual problems of both individuals and couples that present in clinical practice: erectile dysfunction, female and male orgasmic disorders, disorders of ejaculation, sexual pain disorders, and the paraphilias.

The final day is devoted to the assessment and management of the most common complaint that presents to sex therapists: disorders of desire and differences in desire in a relationship. The literature acknowledges that female low libido is the most common problem that presents to sex therapists, yet there is considerable academic debate as to when female lack of interest in sex can be considered a disorder, and the complexities of an intimate relationship cloud the issue even further. At the same time, male low libido has been largely ignored by sex researchers. In addition, libido is much more than how often a person wants sex: it encompasses many elements, including what triggers arousal and what dampens it, the importance of sex compared to other parts of a relationship, the meaning of sex for each individual, what is pleasurable during sexual activity, and so on. Assessment and management of libido problems requires knowledge of what the current literature reveals, and sound clinical judgment when the current state of knowledge leaves the therapist working in controversial and poorly researched areas.

Goals: To
 recognise cultural influences on the current stereotype of normal and achievable sexual functioning which not only impact on their clients but also on their own clinical practice.
 become competent in basic generic evidence-based approaches for the assessment and management of sexual problems.
 become competent in discussing sexual issues with clients.
 recognise the difference between a sexual problem and a sexual dysfunction.
 become knowledgeable about specific sexual dysfunctions based on current research, and to develop competency in assessment and management of these disorders.
 recognise the interplay between specific disorders and dynamics in an intimate relationship.
 develop competency in assessing the issues in relationships where sexual expectations, wants and needs differ.
 acquire skills based on current research to manage relationship distress arising from these differences.
 develop the ability to identify the difficulties that exist when issues arise that are either controversial or poorly researched in academic literature, and to reflect on their judgement, knowledge and skills to develop and implement interventions which may relieve the clients' distress.
Location VIC Metro, Australia
Venue Jika International
551 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield, Melbourne, Vic

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 22 Oct 2012 to 24 Oct 2012
Time 9.00 am - 4.30 pm
Cost $792 Early Bird (Register by Friday 28 September):$682
Notes Limited to 25 places
Organiser Sirusan Consulting P/L
Contact Name Sandra Pertot
Telephone 02 0439680646