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The Re-Creation Of The Self: Models of Human Systems as an approach to Psychotherapy

Format Workshop
Presenters Jon Eisman, San Francisco, USA
Description Developed over the past 25 years by Hakomi Institute co-founder and Senior trainer Jon Eisman, The Re-Creation of the Self (R-CS) Model of Human Systems [R-CS] is both a comprehensive map of the inner Self, and a powerful, paradigm-challenging method for effecting client change. In contrast to most clinical models (including Hakomi), R-CS does not see therapy as an exploration and gradual resolution of old wounds and beliefs, but as a necessary opportunity to reembody our already existing core wholeness and Self.

The basic framework is this. During early development, when our innate sense of expansive Self was impossibly opposed, we accommodated the various obstacles and hurts we endured - and protected our ultimate integrity - by fragmenting our consciousness into various trance-like self-states. Long held as habitual neural networks in the brain and body, these fragmented states of consciousness perpetuate our illusory sense of wounding, the limiting behaviors that follow, and, most importantly, the sense of fragmented identity that typically defines our unsettled sense of Self. R-CS seeks to identify these perceived fragmented selves, and to foster disidentification from them. R-CS does not focus on the content or historical origins of these states, but instead invites people to choose to shift immediately into a more expansive, already present, preferred state.

Interweaving neurobiology, mindfulness and somatic, experiential psychology, and adapting Hakomi's brilliant techniques, the Re-Creation of the Self Intensive Training will present the following:

-A comprehensive and practical map of the structures of the Self
-The neurological basis of identity, stuckness and change
-New perspectives on the actual nature of transformation
-A clinical mindset that focuses on client wholeness and resources, rather than woundedness and dysfunction
-Navigating through issues of identification and disidentification
-Immediately applicable skills for shifting fragmented client states
-Techniques to pursue the Ideal Self and the evolution of Selfhood
-An appreciation of the diverse roles of the therapist
About the presenter(s) JON EISMAN, the creator of the Re-Creation of the Self model (R-CS), is a founding member of the international Hakomi Institute, Co-Director of The Hakomi Institute of California, and a Sr Hakomi Trainer. The author of numerous articles and Hakomi & R-CS training manuals, Jon is also the originator of Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches (M.E.T.A), both a synthesis of therapeutic modalities and a clinical collective in Portland, OR ( For the past 30 years, he has practiced and taught workshops and trainings throughout the world. Widely acclaimed both for his teaching expertise and for the aliveness he inspires in his groups, Jon lives with his family in Ashland, OR.
Location WA Metro, Australia
Venue A Place to Just Be
4a Preston Point Rd, East Fremantle

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 17 Oct 2012 to 20 Oct 2012
Time 10am-5.30pm
Cost $770 incl. GST Early Bird until end of August, $880 thereafter/ A deposit of $300 will secure your place
Organiser Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy Western Australia
Contact Name Halka Beseda
Telephone 08 94307779