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When Sex Gets Complicated: Infidelity, Pornography, & Cybersex

Format Seminar/Presentation
Presenters Dr Marty Klein, Clinical Psychologist
Description When it comes to sex, has the internet changed everything?

Yes and no. There are new kinds of porn, new ways to cheat, new sexual options altogether. But people still want the same old things from sex: connection, pleasure, excitement, mystery, validation, education, trust. And, of course, magic.

This combination-old needs and desires, new opportunities and challenges-make clients' sexual problems more complicated than ever. Is OUR sophistication about sexuality increasing? When working with sexual issues, information from the media and our personal experience are often insufficient, and may even undermine our work.

This seminar will explore three common, interrelated issues in today's sexuality cases. We'll look at infidelity, including issues such as: why affairs are so common; power dynamics after an affair is disclosed; and under what conditions couples should try to reconcile. We'll look at the impact of pornography use on relationships; how porn consumers describe their experience-and why clinicians often overlook these patients' voices; how relationships can thrive when one partner uses pornography; and how conflict about porn can be a way couples avoid talking about more important issues.

And we'll look at cybersex: what it is, how people use it, the trust issues it often raises; and the way it can expose weaknesses in a relationship or an individual's character structure.

How can we help two people with contrasting sexual values talk with each other productively? With concerns like privacy, trust, and the definitions of sex and fidelity at issue, how do we hold a client or a couple while they struggle to define their behaviour, contract, and emotions?

Marty's seminars are consistently described as practical, challenging, and entertaining-so your time will be as enjoyable as it is educational.
About the presenter(s) Dr. Marty Klein has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist for 31 years. He has aimed his entire career toward a single set of goals: telling the truth about sexuality, helping people feel sexually adequate & powerful, and supporting the healthy sexual expression and exploration of women and men.

Marty pursues his goal of a sexually enlightened world through therapy, lectures, writing, lobbying, media, and forensic (courtroom) work.

Marty has authored over 100 articles in publications such as Parents, New Woman, and Playboy, as well as San Francisco Medicine, the California Therapist, and the Journal of Homosexuality. He is a former contributing editor to The New Physician, American Baby, and Modern Bride, and he is quoted every year in dozens of national publications and websites, such as The New Yorker and Huffington Post.

Marty has written six books:

Your Sexual Secrets: When to Keep Them, When & How to Tell
Ask Me Anything: Dr. Klein Answers the Sex Questions You'd Love To Ask
Beyond Orgasm: Dare to be Honest About the Sex You Really Want
Let Me Count the Ways: Great Sex Beyond Intercourse
America's War On Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust, & Liberty
Sexual Intelligence: What We Really Want From Sex, And How to Get It
Location QLD Metro, Australia
Venue Jephson Hotel
63 Jephson Street, Toowong

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 9 Oct 2012
Time 9.30 am - 4.30 pm
Cost ASSERT Member: $250 EB by 31 August $220 Non-ASSERT Members $300 EB $270
Organiser Australian Society of Sex Educators Researchers and Therapists (National)
Contact Name Margaret Redelman