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Creative Therapy with Adults Workshop

Format Workshop
Presenters Jacki Short
Description Creative Therapy with Adults

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. "
Albert Einstein

Course overview:

This two day experiential workshop introduces you to approaches and applications of art therapy with a range of adult clients and therapeutic contexts.

We know that a picture can tell 1000 words. The use and creation of visual images in therapy can give voice to 1000 words that might otherwise be too hard to say. Art and the creative process can bypass the logical constraints of language and cognition, tap into emotions and memory and access places of healing and wholeness.

Creating new individual expression gives rise to new possibilities in oneself and the world. Art therapy has been used across time and cultures to give voice and form to that which has always been hard and important to express. Recent evidence shows art therapy can reduce symptoms of depression, aggression, anxiety and confusion. Current research is reporting positive outcomes for women with cancer, from relaxation and feeling expression to greater happiness and health. This workshop will introduce you to the theory and methods underlying art therapy and give you practical strategies to start working with individuals and groups in a safe and respectful manner.

This two day workshop focuses on the fundamental theoretical and methodological concepts in the practice of creative therapies with adults. It will include an overview of the major theoretical influences in this field, the existing evidence base supporting it and a review of relevant developmental principles. The focus of the workshop will be an experiential and practical introduction to a range of creative therapeutic methods to engage and work with adults in counselling.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

Identify the theoretical basis of working with art media in therapy (including Jungian, Humanist, Gestalt and Strength-Based perspectives)
Consider the evidence base for these ways of working
Practise person-centred empathic counselling skills
Integrate the use of creative therapies into the practice of counselling
Consider the appropriate developmental, practical and therapeutic benefits and limits of this method of working,
Practically experience the therapeutic uses of art therapy work
Consider practical ways to use art in therapy

What ideas are explored?

How can art be therapeutic?
How do I introduce art therapy to clients?
Is art therapy suitable for individual and group work?
What do I do after clients have "made" something?
How do I make sense of what the client's art means?
How do we know if this is working?
Does it work for all ages and issues?
When might this form of therapy not be useful?
What types of art therapy are most suitable for the work I do?

Are these methods evidence-based?

The current evidence for these creative interventions will be presented and reviewed in this workshop. References and journal articles will also be provided.

Do I need to be creative?

No artistic experience or skill is required for this workshop.

How many people can attend?

To maximise the opportunities for active, experiential, skills-based learning, this workshop is limited to 16 participants. Minimum participants are 6 per workshop.

Workshop Feedback

Great workshop! Learning new skills has never been so active, fun and inspiring. Definitely a workshop that I would recommend to others.

This is by far the most useful workshop I have ever attended. Very good balance of ideas/ practical suggestions and theoretical underpinnings.

This course is excellent. Everything has been prepared so professionally and I have learnt a lot of different tools I can use.

The most valuable thing about this course was being reminded that talking therapy and taking the lead isn't always beneficial for the client and knowing that there's more to counselling than CBT!

I have been to quite a few workshops in recent times and yours was a class above the rest. Unfortunately I have been to plenty of places where an uninspiring presenter puts people to sleep by reading all day from overcrowded power point slides. In contrast your presentation was a brilliant mix of passive and active learning, with lots of interaction.
About the presenter(s) About the Facilitator: Jacki Short is the Principal Psychologist at the Sydney Centre for Creative Change. With over twenty years experience working around Australia and internationally, Jacki offers counselling, supervision, workshops and training. In addition to her extensive experience in counselling children, young people and adults, she is an experienced and Masters qualified adult educator. She is also an APS Member of the College of Counselling Psychologists. Jacki remains committed to the safe and expressive growth of all those with whom she works.
Location NSW Metro, Australia
Venue The Intuitive Well
70 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 28 Oct 2013 to 29 Oct 2013
Time 9am - 4pm
Cost Full $595. Students $495. Early Birds Save $30 by booking 2 months before workshop. Save $50 booking for 2 (people or workshops).
Notes Cost includes:  Comprehensive handbook of written materials  Relevant research articles  Art materials  Certificate of completion  Lunch, morning and afternoon tea  G.S.T.
Organiser Sydney Centre for Creative Change
Contact Name Jacki Short
Telephone 0411 209 802