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Depression: An Invitation to Engage

Format Conference
Presenters Keynote Speaker: Narelle McKenzie. + Robyn Bull and Louise Walsh.
Description Opening Address with Narelle McKenzie.

Narelle will present a detailed map of how Radix Body Centered Psychotherapy engages with Depression. Drawing on the history of Radix, its basic values/beliefs, concepts and goals, along with recent developments in Neuroscience and Trauma work Narelle will discuss the effectiveness of somatic psychotherapy. How through mindful attention to the inner experience, with safety, grounding and emotional containment and processing, suppressed expression and inner conflicts can be transformed to acceptance, positivity and lively engagement.

Depression/Anxiety and Aliveness with Narelle McKenzie.

Attending to and addressing the subtle process and consequences of the wholehearted abandonment of a sacred and significant aspect of the self, weather consciously or unconsciously, plays a central role in the transformation of Depression into a conscious commitment to live life with vitality. Narelle will present didactically and experientially a body mind perspective on the origins of Depression and explore, with audience participation, some simple, and subtle somatic approaches that deepen the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic interventions when working with the complexity of Depression.

A somatic perspective on the relationship between Depression and Grief with Robyn Bull.

Robyn will address the journey of Grief and Loss, exploring how this can support and enhance the life affirming connection to oneself or manifest as Depression. Robyn will attend to stages of Grief and Loss as they manifest in the body and reflect on the balance between Depression and the transformative growth process required to move forward. Robyn will draw on her personal experiences of grief and her discovery of the powerful resourcing that became available through deep bodily engagement.

Self Medication: A Journey to Autonomy with Louise Walsh.

What role has self regulation been given in current treatment modalities for Depression and how can we self monitor and be dependent on antidepressant medication at the same time. Are we teaching autonomy or fear of the real self? Participants will be invited to share in a discussion both experientially and theoretically the natural flow of emotions and mood in our lives from birth and the many ways we learn to "medicate" the impacts of our experiences.
About the presenter(s) Narelle McKenzie - Master of Arts (Psychology), Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Certified Radix Body Centered Psychotherapy therapist and trainer + extensive post graduate courses and Trainings over 30 years.

Narelle has led somatic psychotherapy experiential and training workshops and conferences throughout Australia and the USA for over 25 years. At various times in her career Narelle has taught Psychology at postgraduate and graduate levels at Universities in Australia. Narelle has presented at numerous Conferences on a wide range of topics across the world and has been published.

Robyn Bull - Somatic Integration Therapy Training, Voice Dialogue Training, Certified Radix Body Centered Psychotherapist, Cert IV in Training and Assessment and Life and Business Coaching.

Robyn has presented at numerous Conferences on a wide range of topics and currently runs groups and workshops through her private practice.

Louise Walsh - Registered Nurse, Accredited Midwife, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, Bachelor of Psychotherapy, Grad Dip in Somatic Psychotherapy, Masters in Psychotherapy, Certified Radix Body Centered Psychotherapist.

Louise has designed and implemented programs relating to the complementary use of medication, drugs and alcohol and prescription drugs. Louise has also delivered lectures relating to mental health and psychological education.
Location VIC Metro, Australia
Venue Melbourne Business School Conference Centre, The Pelham Room.
168 Leicester St, Carlton, Vic. 3053

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 10 Nov 2012
Time 9.00 am - 5.30pm
Cost $190.00 Full Price
Notes $150.00 Early Bird by 19th Oct. $110.00 Student Discount (ID on entry)
Organiser Australian Radix Body Centered Psychotherapy Association.
Contact Name Jacquie Cliff
Telephone 0447044180
Fax 08 83984666