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Transference and Countertransference - Problems or Opportunities?

Format Workshop
Presenters Dr John Merchant MAPS; Andre Zanardo; Ken Milling
Description The emotional impact of a client's material on therapists is an experience which affects many practitioners. In the 'Psychology of the Transference' Jung (1946/1993: 72) refers to such experiences as 'psychic infections' and this raises the critical clinical question - do therapists experience psychic infection because of their own pre-existing vulnerabilities or are they just empathically taking upon themselves the wounds of the client? Furthermore, is there any way to turn these psychic infections into productive therapeutic work?

Contemporary research does indicate a connection between the choice of psychotherapy as a profession and one's own vulnerabilities. Not surprisingly, Jung's concept of the 'wounded physician' has become a popular notion so that its use occurs across a range of strikingly diverse modalities including humanist psychology and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Little is written, however, to specify the zone of wounding which underpins the most effective wounded physicians or the connection between the therapist's wounds and their porosity to psychic infections. While the terminology for these clinical phenomena can seem a little intimidating, they are matters which clinicians encounter every day in their practice. One of the main goals of this seminar is to help attendees build their own, experientially-based understanding of the somatic countertransference which they can draw upon directly in their clinical work. Alongside this, clinicians who are more familiar with these analytic concepts will have an opportunity to revisit and expand upon them.

The day's presentations and discussions will be grounded in clinical examples drawn from a wide spectrum of presenting issues. The seminar is open to clinicians of any background whether or not they are familiar with Jung's work and seminar attendees are invited to bring confidential clinical examples for discussion.
About the presenter(s) Dr John Merchant MAPS trained with the Australian & New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts and is currently in private practice as a Registered Psychologist and Analyst. Over the last decade he has run a number of courses on analytical psychology through the Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Sydney. His recent book 'Shamans and Analysts: New Insights on the Wounded Healer' (Routledge 2012) examines the archaic archetypal pattern underpinning the work of native healers and how this is reflected in modern psychotherapy.
Andre Zanardo is a Jungian Analyst in private practice. He trained with ANZSJA and is a member of the IAAP. Andre has presented numerous public and professional development seminars for ANZSJA throughout Australia and New Zealand. His latest paper was recently released as a chapter in the book 'Jung and Film II: The Return' (Routledge 2011) and was presented to the Art and Psyche conference, New York University, July 2012.
Ken Milling is a practising Analyst in Perth and Fremantle and member of the IAAP. Ken trained with the Australian and New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts and has a particular interest in the relational and developmental, emergent nature of the dynamic unconscious within the analytic milieu.
Location WA Metro, Australia
21 Beach Street, Fremantle WA

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 3 Nov 2012
Time 9.00am - 4.30pm
Cost $250 (GST inc) if booked before 3rd October; $270 (GST inc) if booked after 3rd October; No refund for cancellation after 17th October 2012
Notes A sample chapter of 'Shamans and Analysts: New Insights on the Wounded Healer' can be downloaded at
Organiser Dr John Merchant MAPS
Contact Name Andre Zanardo
Telephone 0412 130 313