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EVENT CANCELLED: Health at Every Size (HAEST): Fat acceptance Vs mainstream medicine

Format Seminar/Presentation
Presenters Dr Naomi Crafti
Description There are many factors to consider when examining the relationship between weight and health. There is a discrepancy between what is regarded by the media and the community to represent the 'ideal' body type and the level at which excess weight provides a significant health risk.
'Health at Every Size' (HAES T) maintains that, for people at moderate levels of overweight and obesity, the dangers of excessive dieting, poor body image and eating disorders far outweigh the majority of physical health concerns.

The vast majority of the medical and scientific community believe that obesity, like eating disorders, is a serious and worsening problem, particularly in Western cultures. However, many people (for example see Paul Campos, The Obesity Myth, 2004 and Glen Glaesser, Big Fat Lies, 2009, and Linda Bacon, Health at Every Size, 2011) also believe that there has been a massive over reaction to the evidence regarding the health impacts of overweight and obesity. These health risks, it is argued, apply at the extremes of the weight distribution, both high and low, but not to an extent that justifies 'weight hysteria', 'fear of fat' and anti-fat discrimination in the area of moderate overweight. In fact, there is now well established evidence to suggest that moderate levels of overweight (above that which is considered fashionable) may well be protective of health and mortality ('the obesity paradox', e.g. Wildman, et al, 2011).
In this discussion I will review the evidence against 'weight hysteria' and provide evidence in support of the philosophy of 'Health at Every Size'. I will present this evidence within the context of being a minority voice against the weight loss industry, obesity researchers, exercise physiologists and bariatric surgeons, and the pressures they exert to maintain the myth.
About the presenter(s) Naomi is a Counselling Psychologist with nearly 20 years experience working in the area of eating disorders and Naombody image. Prior to working at Eating Disorders Victoria Naomi was a Lecturer at Swinburne University where she developed and supervised the Mindful Moderate Eating Group at the Swinburne Psychology Clinic. Today she talks to teachers, the fitness industry, other health professionals, the community and really anyone who will listen, about preventing, identifying, intervening and supporting people with eating problems and body image concerns.
On good days Naomi is witness to minor victories in individual and public awareness of the factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of eating disorders, and on not-so-good days she sees rampant objectification of young men and women, the sexualisation of children and the indiscriminate promotion of fad dieting and the 'thin ideal'. Her aim is to experience more good days.
Location VIC Metro, Australia
Venue Coopers Inn
282 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 23 Oct 2012
Time 6:30 to 8:00pm
Cost $15 PEWBIG Student Member; $20 PEWBIG members & Non PEWBIG students; $25 Non PEWBIG members
Organiser IG - Psychology of Eating, Weight and Body Image (VIC)
Contact Name Natasha Hepworth