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Hoarding Disorder Training

Format Workshop
Presenters Dr Christopher Mogan
Description A workshop for Mental Health Professionals
Hoarding Disorder is a serious psychological disorder that is being more known through exposure in the media and awareness amongst workers of its impact on personal social and family functioning. Hoarding Disorder has been recommended for inclusion in the coming DSM5, yet treatment options are few. Pervasive hoarding disrupts the sufferer's space, time and personal functioning resulting in clutter and hazards that have serious implications for the sufferers, for those close to them, and for those health and welfare personnel working professionally to assist. This complex problem is made worse by its chronic nature, the lack of insight or motivation for change, and the non-availability of resources. This training workshop is directed at helping professional staff to increase their understanding of Hoarding Disorder and to develop skills for assisting in the better management of this emerging clinical condition. Topics include:
Causes, course and phenomenology of Hoarding Disorder
Explanation of standardized assessment tools.
Strategies for group and individual treatments
Planning an intervention
The presentation will be interactive and include video presentation of Compulsive Hoarding issues. The workshop will include pre-reading (forwarded on registration).
About the presenter(s) Dr Christopher Mogan, Clinical Psychologist, Director of The Anxiety Clinic in Richmond, Victoria is an expert on Compulsive Hoarding. He conducts regular hoarding training and therapy programs, and is collaborating in hoarding research with the SwinPsyCHE Research Centre at Swinburne University. Dr Mogan is the lead author in an article in the Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders on the phenomenology of hoarding. His PhD thesis in 2007 was the first to examine hoarding the the Australian setting.
Location NSW Metro, Australia
Venue Harbourview Hotel
17 Blue Street, North Sydney

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 10 Dec 2012
Time 9.30AM - 4.30PM.
Cost $395.00
Organiser The Anxiety Clinic
Contact Name Christopher Mogan
Telephone 03 9420 1424
Fax 03 9421 0077