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Shadow and Laser Coaching

Format Workshop
Presenters Donna Karlin
Description Donna Karlin has been called a pot-stirrer, thought-shifter, "partner-in-crime" and reality-checker. She's an international speaker, lecturer, author and world-renowned leadership coach. She created a big impression at the Coaching Psychology Congress at Manly in May 2012 with her original ideas and "high impact" personality. The IGCP is now bringing her back for a series of 2 day workshops across Australia.

The Shadow and Laser Coaching Workshop is the core program from her School of Shadow Coaching and provides an extended exploration of the essence of Donna's approach.

The workshop is aimed at addressing how the Coaching profession is changing and how clients are becoming more sophisticated in what they want -- and expect -- from coaches and coaching. Increasingly, clients are asking for coaching that focuses on their specific situation, need or opportunity. As a result, the Coach's success is determined by how well they are equipped to provide a unique and customized methodology that meets the client's specific requirements. This is not a workshop 'about' the work, but rather an immersion deep within the process so that it will transform how you see yourself and what you do.

In this experiential training we will cover:
 Techniques and practices of observation and identification of shadows, habits, assumptions, filters or lenses, and influential underlying issues.
 Ways to improve learning to think on your feet.
 Essential elements and techniques of effective feedback-in-action.
 Laser Coaching® - the practice 'inside' the practice.
 Practices that foster sustainability-the emergence of the reflective practitioner in the client.
 Working with the client in translating awareness into practice.
 Special considerations in establishing the client-coach relationship for Shadow Coaching®
 Critical elements in entering the client's environment, contracting for Shadow Coaching®, and scheduling logistics

You will learn techniques for asking powerful, illuminating questions, identifying shadows through observation and interactive conversations so that people can address complex situations and issues immediately. These practices will enable you to work with individuals and teams at a much deeper level.


 Learn how to be vitally present and keenly aware in the moment so that you can engage with more clarity and power.
 Use Shadow and Laser Coaching principles and practices to be able to discern emerging 'shadows' and help clients integrate them in their lives.


 Town hall format that will be highly interactive and participant-centric.
 Case studies so you can see the work in action.
 Experiential exercises so you get a real feel for this work and the languaging we use.
 Opportunities to ask questions, reflect and dialogue with peers, and explore how this work can enhance your practice.


Creating the Container
 How to be more fully present in the moment, and think on your feet.
 How to develop clients into reflective practitioners so they can show up more fully.
 How to coach clients in the moment and co-design the coaching intervention as needed.
 How to identify 'shadows' in individuals and in group dynamics, and address them immediately.

Deepening Your Coaching
 How to coach people based truth as it unfolds through their shadows rather than either person's perceptions of situations, behaviours, etc.
 How to illuminate a moment in time or specific trends through Laser Coaching to give people new clarity and insight.
 How to effectively communicate observations and coaching in the moment with people.
 How to incorporate Laser Coaching and Shadow Coaching styles of communication in traditional methodologies of coaching.

Creating What Matters
 An increased mental flexibility in order to think, listen, and address what emerges.
 A better understanding of your intuitive thinking and how it can serve you in your coaching.
 An increased ability to work with groups to help them effectively address the organizational, cultural and systemic 'programs' in which they operate.
 An increased sense of how to prepare and coach individuals and groups to be effective participants in the design processes.

 Discover underlying situational dynamics as they unfold.
 Identify the client's primary energizers and motivators.
 Enable real-time integration of what the clients learn into their lives, immediately.
 Expand the client's thought process.
 Move beyond problem solving to inventing solutions.
 Become more aware of the stories you create in the moment and how you filter choices through them.
About the presenter(s) Donna Karlin is an international speaker, lecturer, author and world-renowned leadership coach.
Donna works with global leaders to develop the competencies and practices that enable them to meet the challenges of the future. She brings a dynamic, strengths-focused perspective to executive leadership development.
In response to wide interest in her highly successful and innovative approach to coaching, she established the School of Shadow Coaching®, a coach training program recognized and accredited by the ICF, designed to meet the current needs being expressed by the community of graduate, master-level coaches in support of integration and evolution of their graduate learning.
She is a member of the Advisory Council of The International Academy of Behavioural Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Past President and current Dean of the International Consortium for Coaching in Organisations,is a Founding Member of the Harvard Institute of Coaching Professional Association, and a founding member of The International Association of Coaching.
Donna's blog PerspectivesT is avidly read by subscribers from 145 countries and territories and her book on Human-Based LeadershipT, Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words - Conversations with Human-Based LeadersT has just been released.
Donna is certified in Organisational Psychology with a focus in Executive Coaching by The Professional School of Psychology and has been certified by the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy as a Diplomate in Professional Coaching.
Location VIC Metro, Australia
Venue Jasper Hotel
489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 8 Feb 2013 to 9 Feb 2013
Time 8.30am for 9.00am start to 5.30pm
Cost $695 for IGCP members, $745 for non IGCP members and $875 for non members, $325 Students
Notes Registration fee does not include lunch. Please BYO lunch or purchase lunch from nearby venues. Non IGCP members can apply to join using the attached form.
Organiser IG - Coaching Psychology Interest Group (IGCP)
Contact Name David Heap
Telephone 0410573823
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