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Small Group Supervision (SGS)

Format Training Course
Presenters Members of Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis (SIP)
Description Small Group Supervision (SGS) is a new SIP program developed as an approachable and affordable way to try thinking about clinical practice from a psychodynamic perspective. Each SGS is a small group of 2 - 6 clinicians or students, who meet with an SIP Member weekly or fortnightly for a year. Currently available SGS session times around Sydney are listed in the attached document for download. Clinicians and students can also request SGS sessions at times of their personal preference by Application. Requests will be collated, and groups will be formed wherever there is sufficient interest. Further SGS information, and an SGS Application Form, is available from Mark Howard, at this email address:
About the presenter(s) The presenters are experienced SIP psychotherapists who are interested to help clinicians and students develop new psychodynamic ways of thinking about their clients and patients. A psychodynamic approach may be the primary treatment modality, or it may supplement other treatments the clinician or student usually practices.
Location NSW Metro, Australia
Venue Private Consulting rooms of SIP Members in Sydney
Depends upon the chosen SGS, Sydney

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 3 Dec 2012 to 9 Dec 2013
Time Various session times are available across Sydney
Cost An Application Fee; then Shared Supervisory Fees that are negotiated during group formation.
Organiser Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis
Contact Name Mark Howard
Telephone 02 94156166
Fax 02 94156166