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Coaching both sides of toxic leadership - two 1/2 day workshops

Event number: 16729
7 CPD hours
Presenter(s): Vicki Webster MAPS MCOP

8.30am - 1.15pm Morning Workshop: Coaching Derailing Leaders: when should I coach and when should I walk away?

Often as coaches we are brought in by organisations to work with leaders whose behaviours are creating issues or causing harm. While most leaders may be unintentionally displaying derailing behaviours, a few of these leaders’ behaviours fall into the criteria of the Dark Triad: Narcissist, Machiavellian, and Organisational Psychopath.

When dealing with these types of leaders many questions arise: How do you coach a leader who is likely to be manipulating you? What are the professional and ethical boundaries? Can they develop insight and how motivated are they to change - what can you influence and what can’t you influence? How do you manage the client’s expectations? Importantly, how do you manage your own expectations and your desire to make a difference, if there is little prospect of behavioural change? How do you stay resilient?

This session will include:

  • Overview of evidence based practice on working with derailing leaders (destructive leadership literature on inappropriate leader behaviours and their impact on followers/organisations; executive coaching literature on efficacy)
  • Recognising when coaching is not appropriate
  • Strategies for coaching derailing leaders (e.g. tactics to enhance self-awareness and self-regulation)
  • Managing coaching dilemmas (e.g., political agendas when employer has hired you to ‘fix’ the leader, or to get the leader to realise they need to leave; leader comes after you)
  • Case studies of coaching leaders from the Dark Triad and derailed leaders
  • Coaching Action Plan

Learning Outcomes: Workshop 1 (morning workshop) - Coaching Derailing Leaders

By the end of this half-day workshop, participants will have gained:

  • Understanding of the practical implications of current literature and research on destructive leadership and what it means for coaching practice (knowledge of discipline);  
  • Practical coaching tactics to use with destructive leaders (interventions);
  • Knowledge of how to handle coaching dilemmas and political agendas when coaching leaders (ethics)


12.30pm - 1.15pm Lunch (included for all attendees)


12.30pm - 5.15pm Afternoon Workshop: Coaching targets of toxic leadership to enhance their personal and career resilience

This session covers the practical realities of coaching targets of toxic leaders: the likely outcomes of their situation, exploring their career options when exiting the organisation may be the most adaptive response for their well-being, and discussion how we can best support coachees who find themselves in this situation.

This session will include: ·

  • Overview of the literature on coping with toxic leadership and stress management interventions (SMIs) (e.g., most followers don’t know how to cope with a toxic leader and usually use maladaptive coping mechanisms – avoidance coping reduces distress in the short term but leads to long term psychological harm).
  • Overview of evidence based practice for building resilience in followers of toxic leaders.
  • Strategies and tactics for coaching to build resilience (based on positive psychology, Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT), Stress Innoculation Training (SIT), Career Resilience literature)
  • career coaching to assist the coachee to leave the situation
  • Case studies of coaching a target of toxic leadership
  • Coaching Action Plan

Learning Outcomes: Workshop 2 (afternoon workshop) - Coaching targets of toxic leadership

By the end of this half-day workshop, participants will have gained:

  • An understanding the practical implications of current literature and research on coping with destructive leadership (knowledge of discipline);
  • Knowledge about the efficacy of coaching interventions underpinned by SIT, ACT and career resilience theory for coachees who are targets of destructive leadership (interventions) in order to build their resilience;
  • Knowledge of how to handle coaching dilemmas and political agendas when coaching targets of destructive leadership (ethics)


About the presenter(s)

Vicki Webster

Vicki is an organisational psychologist with over fifteen years’ experience in leading teams that design and deliver organisational development and talent management solutions to drive cultural change and increase employee engagement, capability and well-being.

As an infopreneur, diagnostician of underlying causes of organisational issues, and ideas challenger, Vicki has presented to a range of professional bodies on strategies for developing leadership capability and career resilience to enhance the productivity and well-being of workers.

Vicki submitted her PhD thesis on the Dark Side of Leadership and Its Impact on Followers in October 2015. Her research on the consequences of toxic leadership for followers has been published in Stress and Health - Fight, Flight or Freeze: Common Responses for Follower Coping with Toxic Leadership. Her article Assisting organisations to deal effectively with toxic leadership in the workplace was published in the June 2015 edition of InPsych.

Vicki has also co-authored the book How to Get Ahead without Murdering Your Boss. Six simple steps to actively manage your career.


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Close proximity to public transport (both bus and rail)

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Diana Plaza Hotel
12 Annerley Road
Woolloongabba, QLD 4102
Venue is wheelchair accessible
Start date: 31/7/2016
End date: 31/7/2016
Time: 8.30am - 5.15pm


Cost per 1/2 day workshop (inclusive of GST):
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Non-APS Member $264

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