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Emotional intelligence

Event number: 17625
1 CPD hours
Presenter(s): Carolyn MacCann

Links to Performance and to Underlying Appraisal Processes

The experience of having emotions and then regulating these emotions lies at the core of the human condition, and touches on many areas of psychology research. This talk focuses on emotional intelligence—a set of abilities concerned with how people perceive, use, understand, and manage emotions and emotional information.

Evidence from experience sampling suggests that people with high emotional intelligence: (a) appraise events as more controllable; (b) use less avoidant and emotion-focused coping; (c) experience greater positive affect and less negative affect; and (d) are more reactive to control appraisals (i.e., show stronger control/coping contingencies). These results outline the processes by which high emotional intelligence leads to people to cope better with stress and experience better outcomes.

Carolyn will critique the claims and evidence for emotional intelligence as a critical capability for life success, presenting published and unpublished meta-analyses linking emotional intelligence with job performance and academic achievement. Carolyn will also discuss her recent research examining the way that emotional intelligence affects people’s appraisals, emotions, and emotion regulation strategies in daily life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of the claims/evidence for emotional intelligence as a critical capability for life success
  • Understanding of published/unpublished meta-analyses linking emotional intelligence, job performance and academic achievement
  • Understanding of recent research into emotional intelligence (appraisals, emotions, emotion regulation strategies)

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About the presenter(s)

Carolyn MacCann is a senior lecturer at Sydney University’s School of Psychology. She received her PhD from Sydney University in 2006, and has completed post-docs at the Educational Testing Service (Princeton, NJ, USA) and the Australian Graduate School of Management (UNSW). She has also worked as a psychometrician for Chandler Macleod. Her research has focused on two main areas: (a) psychological testing and test development, particularly of noncognitive constructs (“soft skills” like personality, emotional competencies, time management, and teamwork), and considering non-standard methods such as situational judgment tests, and multi-media assessment; and (b) emotional intelligence, including both measurement issues, the prediction of key outcomes, and the processes by which emotional intelligence affects such outcomes.


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Wesley Conference Centre (Pacific Room)
Lower Ground, 220 Pitt St
Sydney, NSW 2000
Venue is wheelchair accessible
Start date: 15/5/2017
End date: 15/5/2017
Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm


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