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Mindful Leadership, 3-Day Course (stand alone, or part of Mindfulness Practitioner Certification)

Event number: 17629
21 CPD hours
Presenter(s): Liana Taylor, Clinical Psychologist, Director - Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness

A comprehensive framework for understanding, guiding and leading individuals and groups from a mindfulness perspective.

Every person in a leadership position reaches toward wisdom, is expected to have wisdom, and wants to be wise, and yet, it is not always easy to articulate what wisdom is or how one develops it.   Leadership is about vision, the insight that cultivates wise action, and the ability to guide others to their full potential.  

Health professions, people in leadership and education are in these positions of influence, and want to be wise.

In this Mindful Leadership course you will see clearly how mindfulness helps us understand and lean into our strengths and those of others, bringing clarity to areas of challenge. The more we see clearly, the more we develop our emotional intelligence, capacity to respect others, and ability to lead authentically.

As with all mindfulness training you will seek ways to be more aware, accepting of what is, stable of mind, focussed and decisive. There are few teachings more eye opening and affirming than exploring our own personality style.  Far from boxing us into a mold, having models to help us be mindful with real strengths, hopes and drivers, as well as areas of struggle, for ourselves and others, can be profoundly enlightening and life changing.

“75% of careers derail due to lack of EI: inability to handle interpersonal problems; unsatisfactory team leadership during difficulty or conflict; inability to adapt to change or elicit trust” – Center for Creative Leadership 

Who is this for?

Mindful Leadership is for you if you are a health professional, a leader, or manager, and you want to:

  • Lead your own life skilfully
  • Guide, lead and inspire others with wisdom and clarity
  • Be confident in who you are
  • Be tolerant and wise of others
  • Be able to lead with courage, integrity and authenticity

Suitable for complete beginners through to very experienced mindfulness practitioners.   

During the course, you will:

  • Explore 6 distinct personality models spanning East and West, across millennia, and covering business, spiritual development, personal development, psychological and medical concepts:Enneagram, Myer Briggs Type Indicator, Wealth Dynamics, Hippocrates’ Four Temperaments, Three Ayurvedic Doshas, Three Buddhist Personalities
  • Discover aspects of yourself and others that you’ve have never seen or understood before
  • Understand struggles with self and others, with acceptance and respect rather than judgment and blame
  • See how shame and embarrassment can shroud your greatest gifts
  • See the link between personality, pathology, values, and pouting!
  • Learn how lack of affirmation of personality traits can lowers motivation leading to depression, anxiety, stress
  • Uncover your own hidden strengths and honour your own leadership style 

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Want to use at least 1 or 2 personality models to guide your own leadership
  • Have increased your own emotional intelligence by understanding more core tendencies, natural sensibilities and strengths of others
  • Have identified your own personality style within several of these models
  • Appreciate and honour your strengths and those of others
  • Bring a greater sense of non judgmental awareness and kindness to your own struggles
  • Increase your understanding and tolerance for others
  • Feel the sense of affirmation that comes with recognising and normalising the range of gifts differing
  • Know how to lead and inspire others to action
  • Have new perspectives on what it means to lead with respect, courage and authenticity 

“The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves”  Ray Kroc 

Courses Offered Across Australia: Three days, 10am-6pm, Morning and afternoon refreshments provided. Lunch break is one hour

Course Numbers:  are strictly limited to enable a small group setting and a true focus on interactive, experiential teaching and learning. 

Includes: teaching, experiential exercises, cognitive maps, discussions, meditations, workbook, free meditation downloads and digital copy of exercises for your work.   


Where does this course fit in the Applied Mindfulness Certification Programs?

This course stands alone, and is also a part of the 1st level of the 3 tier International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Program.

International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification: (3rd level program)

· Mindfulness Adventure Retreat – 10-day retreat in South Island New Zealand

· Leadership Wisdom Masterclass – 6-month online

Master Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification: (2nd level program)

· Silent Mindfulness Retreat (Teacher Led) - 5-day residential

· Mindfulness Retreat: Leadership Tango - 5-day residential

· Teacher Training Masterclass – 6-month online

Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification: (1st level program)

· Mindful Relationships Course- 3-day intensive

· Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Training (MBCT) Course - 3-day intensive

· Mindful Leadership Course - 3-day intensive



About the presenter(s)

Liana Taylor - Clinical Psychologist - Executive Coach - International Mindfulness Teacher

Liana is Australia’s leading teacher in Applied Mindfulness. She pioneered professional training in applied mindfulness courses, retreats and certification programs in Australia. Many of the professionals Liana has taught over the last 12 years have gone on to create their own programs and apps across the private and public sector.

Liana presented at the 1st International Mindfulness Conference in Rome in 2013, and at many other conferences across the world. She lectured in Buddhism and Psychology at Adelaide University, taught in a Buddhist Centre for some years, taught basic through to advanced relationship and mindfulness skills to thousands of professionals across Australia, retreated with, trained with or taught with the world leaders in MBCT, MBSR and ACT, and has meditated for over 30 years.

In this course, Liana synthesises neuroscience, positive psychology, and leadership theory with traditional contemplative practices, bringing you a wealth of experience and expertise, not only from 25 years private practice, clinical psychology, traditional, and applied mindfulness, but also as a qualified Couple Therapist, Narrative Family Therapist, Wilderness Adventure Therapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Executive Coach.

Liana teaches the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness certification program helping health professionals, leaders and managers awaken new possibilities in their professional and personal lives


Online registration

Bentley, PERTH

Technology Park Function Centre
2 Brodie-Hall Dr
Bentley, PERTH, WA 6102
Venue is wheelchair accessible
Start date: 17/11/2017
End date: 19/11/2017
Time: Fri, Sat & Sun, 10am - 6pm


Sage Hotel
208 South Terrace
Venue is wheelchair accessible
Start date: 8/3/2018
End date: 10/3/2018
Time: Thurs, Fri, Sat 10am-6pm During Mad March' Festival' season

South Melbourne

South Melbourne Town Hall
Bank St
South Melbourne, VIC 3000
Venue is wheelchair accessible
Start date: 1/6/2018
End date: 3/6/2018
Time: Fri, Sat & Sun, 10am - 6pm


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Super EB $750, til 60 days prior
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Liana Taylor, Director - Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness
The Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness offers seminars, courses & retreats in both traditional & applied mindfulness for contemporary professional practice. We help health professionals develop mindfulness skills, compassion & wisdom, and awaken new possibilities in their professional work & personal lives. Our core program, International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification, offers comprehensive mindfulness training and professional certification in Applied Mindfulness.
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