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Technologies to Enhance Your Practice

Event number: 17662
15 CPD hours
Presenter(s): Les Posen MCCLP

Integrating the Best & Latest Technologies to Enhance Your Psychology Practice: 2 Day Workshop

Since Les first visited Perth many years ago for the first IT workshop, life for psychologists was quite different. Most were still not using smartphones, the iPad hadn’t been introduced, and the idea that patients might come to their psychologists with apps they’d like to use was laughable.

But in 2017 we are at a watershed time for psychologists and IT, with the APS and the APA working on guides for the best application of apps in proactive, and with new technologies leading to weather excitement about the possibilities and trepidation as to where our practices might head.

In this 2-day training, Les Posen will cover current best practices when it comes to practice and IT, from the mundane of record keeping and note taking (yes, dictation on your PC/Mac is about 98% out of the box) to the more esoteric such as virtual and augmented reality.

Les will demo in his usual engaging way how to firstly think about these technologies and their integration, and offer demos and hands-on training.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn about:

1. How to think about technologies in a more friendly yet skeptical manner: what’s really in it for?
2. Current developments in smart device use, including selection and evaluation of apps for a variety of presenting issues.
3. Note taking and record keeping - yes, it can be made fun, and we’ll look at the cloud and ethical practices in accord with privacy principles.
4. "Why should I bother with social media? Isn’t it too much trouble and risky?” Questions like these will be addressed according to current International guidelines, and how social media can be harnessed to improve continuing education, therapeutic reputation and alliance, and collaboration with peers, while keeping itself nice!
5. How technology can help in marketing our practices - we’ll look at website design, domain name purchase, and making and using YouTube brief videos to help market and refine your message. Come prepared with your best 2-minute pitches to potential customers and referrers.
6. A review of specialist equipment such as the latest inexpensive biofeedback any practitioner can employ immediately and effectively, which patients will love using.
7. A peek into the very near future for psychologists of special relevance to Perth: videoconferencing under Medicare. How might it work, what equipment can be effectively and reliably employed, and practice within the workshop, to show the effective, ethical practice. It might start out with only rural and remote patients, for only seven sessions, but it’s a foot in a door which may open for the rest of Australia’s potential psychology consumers.


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About the presenter(s)

Les is Melbourne, born-and-bred. Educated at Monash and Melbourne Universities, he later spent time in the Austin Hospital’s Department of Psychological Medicine, where he did clinical rotations in Adult Psychiatry and Cardiology.
Les is a well known presenter nationally. He presents for the APS on the use of technology in professional practice.


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Assured Ascott Quays
150 Great Eastern Highway
Ascott, WA 6104
Venue is wheelchair accessible
Start date: 1/6/2017
End date: 2/6/2017
Time: 8.30am - 4.45pm


APS member: $455
APS student member: $340
Non APS member: $710


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