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Ethical issues in working with young people

Event number: 18976
7 CPD hours
Presenter(s): Nicholas Gamble & Zoe Morris

Working with young people is complex for psychologists from an ethical perspective. Key ethical obligations such as consent, confidentiality, and competence are critical to understand given the vulnerability of young people. Awareness and careful management of these issues can minimise the potential risk of harm to the young person, their family, and professionals working with them.

This workshop will ask “what would an ethical psychologist do?” in a range of realistic situations concerning professional practice with young people. Aiming to bring applied ethical practice to life through a range of interactive learning activities (e.g. case study, peer discussion) the following topics will be covered:

  •   Who is the “client” and who else do psychologists owe responsibility to?

  •   Ethical decision making with young people

  •   Developmental considerations of capacity in consent

  •   Challenges to confidentiality and privacy when working with

    young people

  •   Managing boundaries when working with young people (e.g.,

    social media)

  •   Evaluating risk of harm in adolescents

  •   Navigating working with multiple parties (e.g., parents,


  •   Recent legislative requirements relating to young people

    This workshop is relevant for practitioners working in a range of settings (e.g. private practice, schools). The topics are appropriate for those who are new to working with this population, or for those with previous experience who would like to reflect on their current practice and consider additional risk management strategies. 

Learning outcomes


  • Apply knowledge of ethical principles to psychological practice 
  • Develop a systematic ethical decision-making process 
  • Describe principles of confidentiality within psychological service provision 
  • Identify the complexities of consent and confidentiality when working with young people 
  • Develop an understanding of the ethical expectations of psychologists when working with young people 
  • Identify the complexities of working with young people in complex workplaces such as schools 
  • Identify and understand the core ethical issues of working with young people

About the presenter(s)

Nick is a registered psychologist and has been lecturing in the field of ethics in psychology since 2008. He is the co- author of “Ethics in Applied Psychology” (2014) by Oxford University Press and has published on issues relating to ethics and telepsychology. Nick is currently supervising postgraduate research projects which investigate the ethical practice of registered psychologists.

Zoe is an educational and developmental psychologist and has experience working in public schools providing counselling, assessment, and intervention to students in both mainstream and specialist educational settings. This experience sparked her interest in the complexity of working with young people from an ethical perspective, and led to complete a PhD project which focused on teacher- student professional boundaries in secondary settings. Zoe currently teaches ethics and professional issues at postgraduate level.


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The University of Melbourne Hawthorn Campus (in The Cinema)
442 Auburn Road
Hawthorn, VIC 3122
Venue is wheelchair accessible
Start date: 21/10/2017
End date: 21/10/2017
Time: 9am-5pm


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APS member: $175
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Non APS member: $ 235


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