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Application of EMDR in Clinical Practice Using Attachment Lens

Event number: 19190
4 CPD hours
Study Group Network
Presenter(s): Esen Uygun

This is a 4-hour study group that will assist counsellors/psychologist/social workers who are working clients with Complex Trauma.

Clients with Complex trauma have been exposed to repetitive and/or prolonged abuse, and attachment injuries inflicted/caused by important caregivers at a developmentally vulnerable age.

Parents or caregivers in a child’s life determine his / her attachment style. These attachment styles are defined as:

  • secure,
  • insecure preoccupied/anxious,
  • insecure dismissive/avoidant and,
  • disorganised

Issues faced by clients with Complex Trauma include :

  • affect regulation
  • dissociation and
  • somatic disturbances

Owing to neuro plasticity of the brain, we know that the symptoms of trauma and insecure attachment are not a life sentence and people can earn both secure attachment in their adult life and significant reduction of their trauma symptoms.

EMDR is a treatment modality, which has been found to be successful with clients with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as it targets impacts on a cognitive, emotional and somatic level without delving into the details of trauma history. When EMDR is utilised as a treatment modality, attachment work becomes an essential part of the treatment.

The beginning of this training will briefly focus on Complex Trauma and the theory of Structural Dissociation of the personality. The remaining focus will be on attachment styles and the difficulties created in clients’ lives and in the therapeutic relationship by particular attachment styles.  There will be live examples of secure attachment resourcing for clients using role plays.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased understanding of complex trauma and dissociation
  • Increased understanding of attachment styles
  • Increased understanding of how EMDR can be used to promote earned secure attachment

Please note: EMDR level 1 & 2 trained practitioners will receive the optimal benefit from this training, as it is designed for EMDR practitioners (Intermediate level).


**Please be advised room is on level one and there is no lift access.

About the presenter(s)

Esen Uygun is a Social Worker and Clinical Family Therapist and has been working in the trauma field for the last 19 years. She has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of complex clients. She currently works at her private practice at the S-N Counselling Services and the Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault.

Esen has facilitated training sessions and groups in the areas of childhood sexual assault, and trauma. She has presented papers in different forums. These presentations included :EMDR, Complex Trauma, and dissociation.

Esen has an eclectic approach to providing counselling and support as she recognises that “one-size does not fit all”. However, she has a strong interest in EMDR, Attachment, Trauma, Feminism, Ego State, Structural Dissociation of the Personality and psychodynamic frameworks. Her Masters of Family Therapy supports Esen in her systemic thinking and approach to client groups.


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Online registration

South Yarra

Hurstwood Clinic
Level 1, 16A Toorak Rd
South Yarra, VIC 3141
Start date: 24/2/2018
End date: 24/2/2018
Time: 1.00pm - 5.00pm


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Non APS member: $220


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