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Treating behavioural sleep problems in children: What psychologists need to know.

Format Workshop
Presenters Dr Sarah Blunden, Dr Mark Kohler and Dr Michael Gardisar
Description Normal sleep in infants and young children is quite different from our adult colleagues. Psychologists are often seeing children in whom sleep is a major component of presentation and in many circumstances a clear management strategy is needed that is sleep focused. This course will cover
 A basic understanding of sleep physiology in children and adolescents will be described from birth to 18 years. The circadian system will be overviewed.
 A basic understanding of the common sleep problems in normal children and families, Typical problems that present at different ages (illustrated with cases and working through problems) will be presented. Behavioural Insomnia of Childhood will be the focus although there will be an overview of all sleeping difficulties including difficulty getting to sleep alone, night waking and bedtime fears.
 How to recognise sleep problems in children and adolescents, history taking, screening tools and diagnostic methods for identifying behavioural sleep problems.
 Basic management strategies to deal with behavioural sleep problems in these age groups. Evidence-based cognitive and behavioural techniques for treating behavioural insomnia in children will be presented. The importance of understanding complex family interactions, emotional responses and dynamics in families dealing with lack of sleep and other pressures will be covered
 The psychological theories underpinning children's behavioural sleep disorders and the behavior around sleep patterns will be discussed
 Understanding of behavioural sleep problems in children with developmental disability, ASD and ADHD. Other more complex disorders will also be discussed breifly. This is likely to be helpful for those practising with children particularly in the fields of childhood disability. Importance of understanding complex family interactions, emotional responses and dynamics in families dealing with disabilities.
 Clear guidelines will be given for when to involve or refer to sleep specialist colleagues

Who should attend?
This workshop is designed for those psychologists who work with children with sleep difficulties and their families, which would include almost all registered psychologists. Whether a novice, or for the more experienced, there will be learning for all. This will be helpful for those working with families and children. The seminar will provide the practicing psychologist with a clear understanding of the diagnosis and management of paediatric sleep disorders.

What benefits can you expect from attending this workshop?
Participants will, at the completion of this workshop:
1. Have a fair understanding of human sleep throughout the childhood into adolescents.
2. Have in-depth knowledge of behavioural insomnia of childhood and its diagnosis, especially its prevalence and its impact on health.
3. Gain understanding of the differential diagnosis of sleep problems and to know when to refer on to a specialist.
4. Have a fair knowledge of the circadian insomnias.
5. Will have a good knowledge of evidence-based cognitive and behavioural treatments for children's sleep problems.
CPD Hours
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7 hours
[APS Institute CPD. CCLIN, CCN, CCOM, CEDP, CHP] [CPD Codes glossary]
Location SA Metro, Australia
Venue Mercure Grosvenor Hotel
125 North Terrace, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 27 Aug 2011
Time 9am to 5pm (registration from 8.30am)
Cost APS Member $295, APS Student Member $210, Non APS Member $445
Organiser APS National Office.
Contact Name APS Events Team
Telephone 03 8662 3300
Fax 03 9663 6177
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