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Essential Skills for CBT

Format Workshop
Presenters Helen Perry and Jem Mills
Description This is a workshop for people who want to develop a strong grounding in CBT skills. It is for participants who:
1. may currently be using a bit of CBT but perhaps not as effectively as they would wish
2. are starting out on the CBT path
3. want to ensure that they are practising foundation CBT skills in the most effective manner

The first two days will focus on assessment and formulation, the bedrock of effective CBT. Without good formulation, CBT becomes just a bunch of techniques - often misapplied and lacking coherence. A good formulation is about helping clients and therapist to really make sense of the presenting problems. From good formulations flow effective interventions. The first two days will systematically guide participants through the process of building a coherent formulation.

The next two days will focus on fundamental CBT intervention skills and processes once the formulation has been created. We will practice CBT skills which are applied across a range of clients and settings - for instance, agenda setting, Socratic questioning, creating collaborative therapeutic relationships, identifying and testing negative automatic thoughts, creating behavioural experiments, setting homework.

The objectives for this workshop are that participants wi
1. Knowledge: Gain a good understanding of:
* basic CBT theory and principles,
* the purpose and process of formulation,
* the rationale for core CBT interventions and the knowledge to put these into practice

2. Skills: Gain a strong grounding in:
* CBT formulation skills (five-part model; maintenance cycles; developmental formulation)ll:
* Basic intervention techniques in CBT (e.g. agenda setting, socialization, goal setting, identifying and testing negative automatic thoughts)
* Interpersonal skills for CBT (e.g. empathy, warmth, genuineness, collaborative relationship, curiosity, engendering hope)

3. Attitudes: Understand and have experimented with assuming key CBT attitudes. In particular attitudes of:
* Curiosity
* Collaboration
* Engaging willingness to experiment
* Warmth, empathy, and genuineness of interest and concern
* Acceptance and validation of feelings
Location NSW Regional, Australia
Venue Southern Cross University Training Room, Byron Community Centre Level 1
69 Jonson Street, Byron Bay, NSW 2481

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 5 Nov 2012 to 8 Nov 2012
Time 9.00-4.30
Cost $980 early bird rate (full price $1200)
Notes Outstanding feedback over three years from over 200 participants. Founded on the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre Introduction to CBT program, brought to Australia by James Bennett-Levy, and developed by James and Helen Perry
Organiser University Centre for Rural Health, University of Sydney
Contact Name James Bennett-Levy
Telephone 0266 207570
Fax 0266 780896