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The Essentials of Couple Therapy Part 2 - Inviting Each Partner out of the Fusion

Format Workshop
Presenters Joanne Wright
Description This workshop is specifically designed for those who have completed The Essentials of Couple Therapy Part 1 and who are keen to refocus or progress their efforts to apply a systems framwork to working with couple.

Bowen proposed that emotional fusion (or loss of "I" position) reaches its greatest intensity in the togetherness of an intimate couple relationship and that is the anxity generated in this fusion, that is at the core of relational disruption and therapeutic work. In this workshop we will follow up and extend the concepts from Part 1 with a more detailed examination of the emotional processes that occur in couple relationships which in turn, serve as key mechanisms for symptoms development i.e. distance, conflict, reciprocal functioning and problematic triangles.

Alongside the clarification and extension of theory this workshop will prioritise application and the workshopping of essential skills required to work effectively with couples experiencing difficulties. Additionally, because most students of the 'Bowen Theory' report that the absorption of these complex ideas occurs incrementally and through experience there will be opportunity for discussion and review of participant's efforts to apply the ideas and to workshop any difficulties encountered.
CPD Hours
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6 hours
[APS Institute CPD]
Location NSW Metro, Australia
Venue The Family Systems Institute
30 Grosvenor Street, Neutral Bay NSW 2089

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 31 Oct 2012
Time 9:00-4:30
Cost $242.00
Notes Registration Includes; Reading Material, Resources Folder and Teaching CD
Organiser The Family Systems Institute
Contact Name Georgia Colotouros
Telephone 02 9904-5600
Fax 02 9904-5611