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Achieving Success with Impossible Children

Format Workshop
Presenters Dr Dave Ziegler (USA)
Description Difficult children can be hard to understand and even harder to work with, their attitudes and behaviour can challenge even the most skilled parents, teachers, therapists and helping professionals.

However there are approaches that work with these kids but success is dependent upon adults understanding the real reasons behind the behaviour and tailoring their interventions accordingly.

During this day long seminar Dave will discuss:

Behaviour management interventions - techniques that go beyond standard parenting courses and behaviour management systems. Practical interventions that have been tested and shown to be effective with even the most difficult children.

Understanding the brain and perceptions of difficult children - everyone who works with children needs to have a general understanding of the brain and how past experiences can dictate perception and behaviour. Knowing how the brain operates provides a neural-roadmap to altering negative emotional and behavioural patterns.

How to help children learn resiliency skills - All adults who work with children have a goal of the child achieving social success. Chaotic, abusive childhoods do not often lead to good interpersonal skills, such as empathy, reciprocity, vulnerability, nurturance, personal disclosure, and initiating connection. Dave will discuss ways traumatised children can be assisted to develop these important traits.

The primary building blocks of treating emotional disturbance - eight basic steps need to occur in order for disturbed children to experience success. Safety, Security, Acceptance, Belonging, Trust, Relationship, Self Awareness and Personal Worth can be achieved with the support of an adult who understands how to assist them through these steps and proceed with change.

What successful parents/therapists/teachers/helpers look like with these children - Parenting/helping the emotionally disturbed child requires very different approaches to other children. At times adults who do wonderfully with most children can feel inept with very challenging children. Dave will discuss the key personal characteristics needed for adults wanting to work successfully with very difficult children.

Dave Ziegler PhD is a licensed Psychologist and Counsellor and is the executive Director of the Jasper Mountain Centre in Oregon, a residential counselling program, school, assessment & treatment program for children under the age of 13. He is a sought after trainer and the author of many books & published articles on working with difficult children, including 'Achieving Success with Impossible Children, how to win the battle of wills' (2005).

Over the last few years Dr Ziegler has been one of Compass Seminars most requested trainers. And now for the first time he visits the Northern Territory.

We anticipate this seminar will quickly sell out and would encourage you to register early to avoid disappointment.
Location NT, Australia
Venue Vibe Darwin Waterfront
7 Kitchener Drive, Waterfront, DARWIN

Please contact the event organiser to confirm if this venue is wheelchair accessible
Start/End Date 31 Oct 2012
Time 9am to 4pm
Cost $245 incl GST
Notes Lunch and tea break catering
Organiser Compass Seminars Pty Ltd
Contact Name Ben Monaghan
Telephone 1800 673385
Fax 1800 673405