Information for events submitters

Approval of events

All events will be made live, subject to approval and terms and conditions, within five (5) working days. The submitter of the event will be sent a confirmation email when the event has been published.

Changing an event after it has been submitted

The new Events Calendar will allow advertisers to edit some but not all of the event information. The editable fields will be different for member groups events and non-member groups events.

The APS can edit all event information on behalf of the advertisers. If you need to cancel or amend the details of an event and you are unable to do so, please email for Member Group Events or for any non-APS Member group events.

Duplicate events

Duplicate entries will not be approved. Before you submit an event, please search the calendar to ensure that the event is not already listed.

Length of entries

Where an event is listed in detail on the organiser's website, please keep the 'description' field relatively brief and add the website address to the 'website' field so that browsers can access the full details.

Uploading documents

You can upload a maximum of two documents, for example a registration form, or detailed itinerary. Please do not upload a flyer that duplicates the information entered in the other fields. Flyers that contain duplicate information will not be published. Documents should be submitted in Word (DOC, DOCX, RTF) or Adobe (PDF) format. The maximum file size is 150kb.


We will not release the details of the event submitter to a third party. If a web user contacts the APS because published information may be incorrect, the APS will contact the submitter to verify the details.

Disclaimer/Terms of use

Please refer to our website Terms of use for information relating to the accuracy of information submitted.

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