Upgrading your membership

  • How do I upgrade?

    To upgrade your APS membership, you will need to download the relevant application form - see below. Both upgrading members and new applicants use the same application form when applying for a grade of APS membership.

    Please choose from the grades below for further information, and to download the appropriate application form:


    If you are eligible for a Graduate Reduction, you will pay a reduced amount at the time of upgrading. See Member or Associate Member for information about Graduate Reductions.

  • If I am upgrading from an Associate Member to the grade of Member do I have to re-submit my undergraduate transcripts?

    No. You are not required to re-submit your undergraduate documentation if you already hold the grade of Associate Member. You need to supply only your fifth and sixth year sequence of study official academic transcript which shows proof of completion.


  • Can I fax my documents?

    The APS does accept faxed application forms.         

    However, as part of our processing requirements we accept only original or originally certified official academic transcripts.

  • Do you accept Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements?

    Yes. Please note that if you are submitting either an original or originally certified copy of your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement, the APS required all pages of the statement to be submitted with your application.

  • For a membership application, do I have to resubmit any further documentation if I have received an assessment of psychology qualifications?

    No, as long as the grade you applied for corresponds with the level of your qualifications assessed. We have all your documents here on file so there is no need to resubmit any additional documentation with your membership application. Please note that we keep all assessment documentation on file for a period of ten years. Second, as you have already undergone an assessment of your psychology qualifications, there is no need to submit a supplementary question form with your membership application.

  • I have just applied for Medicare and for membership to the APS College of Clinical Psychologists. Do I have to resend my academic transcripts and do I need to get a nominator?

    It depends on what you have submitted to Medicare. If you have submitted official academic transcripts for each degree completed in psychology then you do not have to resubmit any further documentation as part of your application process. If you have not supplied academic transcripts for each degree completed in psychology then you have to submit the further documentation to membership. The nominator section of the application form also needs to be completed.

  • If I have completed an APAC-accredited PhD coursework degree, do you require my thesis title page, table of contents, abstract and a list of supervisors and examiners?

    No. If your PhD is APAC-accredited, then you are not required to submit the title page, table of contents, abstract and a list of supervisors and examiners.  

    You need to submit your title page, table of contents, abstract and a list of your supervisors and examiners only if you completed a research PhD degree solely. Research degrees are not APAC-accredited.

  • If I have completed an APAC-accredited Masters degree, do you still need to see my thesis title page, abstract and table of contents?

    No. If you have completed an APAC-accredited Masters coursework degree, you are not required to submit your thesis details.

Processing of applications

  • What is the time frame to process applications? How long after sending in an application do I receive a response?

    The Society considers applications each Wednesday. Each batch of applications is put together from all the applications received in the mail from the preceding week. Generally, depending on the number of applications considered and whether you have supplied all the necessary documentation, you should know the outcome by the Friday of the same week.


  • What if I can't get someone who holds the grade of Fellow or Member of the Society to nominate me?

    If you are unable to get an Honorary Fellow, Fellow or Member to nominate you, you should instead supply two recent written references about your suitability for election from people who have overseen your work or study. The following pro-forma has been designed to assist applicants in this situation.  

  • I have just had my qualifications assessed and I haven't worked as a psychologist yet, so I don't know how I can complete the nominator section? Can my two pro-forma references be obtained from overseas?

    Yes. Your two pro-forma references can be obtained from overseas.

  • Can the nominator section be faxed or scanned?

    You may have the Nominator section of the application form scanned or faxed. Please note official academic transcripts must be originally certified.


  • For the declaration part of the application form, do I need to tick ‘YES' to question (c) if I have been charged with an offence that does not relate to my professional work, such as a traffic offence?

    Yes.  If you respond ‘YES' to any of the declaration questions, please attach an explanation to the application form including details of the outcome. A positive answer to any of the questions will not automatically result in rejection of the membership application form.

Basis for application

  • I am not sure which question I should tick for the basis of my application: Option 1a or 1b?

    If you have completed an APAC-accredited post-graduate coursework qualification in psychology then tick 1a. If you have completed a post-graduate research qualification in psychology, tick 1b

    Further information about Clause 5c 1a and Clause 5c 1b can be found online at: www.psychology.org.au/Assets/Files/Constitution.pdf - Acrobat icon - small (317kb)

Supplementary Questions form

  • Where do I obtain a copy of the Supplementary Questions form from?

    The Supplementary Questions form is located on the APS website at: www.psychology.org.au/membership/applying/

  • Do I need to complete the List of Supplementary Questions form if I have already had my qualifications assessed?

    No. If you have had your qualifications assessed by the APS within a ten year period, you are not required to complete the List of Supplementary Questions form.