Member details

  • How do I have my name changed on the database?

    Please supply us with an originally certified official proof of name change (e.g. marriage certificate, change of name certificate etc), and we will amend the database.

  • How do I change my title to Dr?

    You need to supply us with an original or originally certified official academic transcript showing completion of either a PhD or Doctorate qualification from a recognised university.

Member benefits

  • What are the main differences in benefits between the grade of Associate Member and the grade of Member?

    The main differences between the above two grades are that:

    • Associate Members cannot hold the grade of College Member
    • Associate Members in most cases cannot be an office bearer of a Branch, Interest Group or College
    • Associate Members' post nominals are different e.g. Assoc MAPS compared with MAPS

Professional indemnity insurance - Aon

  • Once I become a member of the APS, do I automatically obtain professional indemnity insurance with Aon?

    No. You do not automatically obtain professional indemnity insurance with Aon.

  • Now that I am a member of the APS, do I have to arrange my professional indemnity insurance with Aon or can the APS arrange it for me?

    The APS cannot arrange your Aon professional indemnity insurance on your behalf. Once you hold the grade Associate Member or Member you may then contact Aon and organise your professional indemnity cover. To obtain an insurance proposal form or contact details for Aon, please go to:

  • Can I be a Student Subscriber and obtain Aon professional indemnity insurance?

    No. A Student Subscriber of the Society cannnot obtain Aon professional indemnity insurance. Only members who hold the grade of Associate Member, Member, Fellow or Honorary Fellow are entitled to access professional indemnity insurance with Aon.