The Outstanding Academic Mentor Award recognises an outstanding individual in the mid-to-late career stage who has mentored and guided a significant number of early career psychological scientists. The Award seeks to honour an individual who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and support to peers and students, and is committed to the advancement of the discipline and profession of psychology.

1. Eligibility

  1. Candidates need not be members of the Society
  2. Candidates are required to be at Academic Level C and higher (or equivalent).

2. Judging Criteria

  1. In judging Candidates for the Award, the Selection Committee will have regard to:
    1. Whether the Candidate has demonstrated an exceptional ability to encourage communication among colleagues or students
    2. The dedication, competence and ingenuity of the Candidate
    3. The progression of the Candidate’s students through all stages of study
    4. The extent to which the mentoring and/or teaching activities have made a profound impact on further study and the careers of students in the field of psychology
    5. The number of co-authored publications and joint grants with mentees
    6. The number of mentees who have received awards
    7. The number of mentees who have continued on to an academic or research career.

3. Value of the Award

  1. Successful Candidates for the Outstanding Academic Mentor Award will:
    1. Be offered a one (1) year membership of the Society at no cost, provided that the successful Candidate makes an application for membership within three (3) months of receiving notice of their Award. If the successful Candidate is an existing member of the Society, he or she will be offered membership of the Society for the following twelve (12) months at no cost.
    2. Receive a plaque for the Outstanding Academic Mentor Award.

4. Administration of the Outstanding Academic Mentor Award

4.1 Nomination Process

  1. A call for nominations for the Outstanding Academic Mentor Award will be:
    1. Advertised in InPsych and/or other relevant APS publications and media
    2. Provided to the Heads of School or Department of each tertiary institution or higher education provider in Australia.
  2. Nominations should be submitted in writing using the Society’s nomination form and must include:
    1. Details of the Candidate’s approach to mentoring and how they have made an impact on the careers of students/colleagues
    2. A list of mentees (including Honours/PhD students and postdoctoral research fellows) along with a short description of each of their accomplishments to date (e.g., awards, major academic/career milestones, joint publications, grants)
    3. Three (3) letters of support from mentees addressing the judging criteria, one of whom must be an APS member and none of whom can be the nominating APS member
    4. A curriculum vitae.
  3. Nominations should be submitted electronically in PDF to the Administrator, Science and Education, Australian Psychological Society via by the closing date.

4.2 Selection Process

  1. A Selection Committee will be responsible for:
    1. Determining an appropriate Candidate for receipt of the Award
    2. Recommending an appropriate Candidate to the Board for endorsement.

4.3 Award Presented

  1. All Candidates (both successful and unsuccessful) will be formally notified in writing before any public announcement is made
  2. An acknowledgement of the successful Candidate will be published on the APS website and in APS and other relevant psychology and education publications in February of the year following the receipt of their Award
  3. The successful Candidate will be presented with an Award plaque at the APS Annual Conference in the year following the receipt of their Award.

5. Application form and closing date

Nominations for 2017 are now closed.

Please email the completed form and all supporting information to:

Any questions? If you have any queries, the Science and Education team can help: email

6. Previous winners

This is the first year that this Award has been offered.