The APS College of Organisational Psychologists Student Award acknowledges postgraduate organisational psychology students in Master, Doctor of Psychology programs, and combined Masters/PhD programs who demonstrate high levels of academic achievement, performance on work placements, combined with the ability to design and conduct high-quality research. The Award is offered to the highest performing graduating/graduated student for an APAC-accredited Postgraduate Organisational Psychology program at Australian tertiary institutions.


  1. The Award is the responsibility of the APS College of Organisational Psychologists.
  2. The Award may be offered annually at each Australian tertiary institution with an APAC-accredited postgraduate psychology program in organisational psychology. Following the close of the call for nominations, the Chair of the APS College of Organisational Psychologists will be notified of the candidates.
  3. The Award will be presented to the Award winner(s) by the National Chair or the relevant State Chair of the National Executive of the APS College of Organisational Psychologists at a public forum or event.


Nominees must have completed an APAC-accredited postgraduate organisational psychology program in the twelve months prior to their nomination for the Award.

Nomination process

  1. A call for nominations for the APS College of Organisational Psychologists Student Prize should:
    1. Be advertised in InPsych (July);
    2. Be provided to the Head of School or Department of each Australian tertiary institution with an APAC accredited postgraduate organisational psychology program (November)
  2. At the beginning of each academic year, the College of Organisational Psychologists National Committee will ask the Program Directors of the postgraduate organisational psychology at each respective tertiary institution to nominate the highest performing student from their program and provide written evidence of how the nominee meets the selection criteria.
  3. Only one candidate can be nominated by the Program Director from each relevant tertiary institution
  4. The Selection Committee will review each application received from the Program Directors. The Committee has the discretion not to recommend a winner from an institution, should the assessment of nominees’ performance not reveal a high standard.
  5. Deadlines for submission will be two months before the presentation of the Award. Nominations should be addressed to the Chair of the APS College of Organisational Psychologists and received by the APS National Office prior to the closing date.

Selection criteria

In judging nominees for the Prize, the Selection Committee will have regard to the following criteria:

  1. high academic performance on the coursework component of the program, as indicated by marks and academic lecturers’ feedback;
  2. the development of a high-quality research project in the area of organisational psychology, with a topic reflecting current areas of interest and need, and conducted with methodological rigour; and
  3. the achievement of a high level of professional skill, as judged by work placement supervisors, academic staff involved in teaching, and peers. This criterion should reflect the application of the scientist-practitioner model in placements, coursework and research

Value of the award

Successful candidates for the APS College of Organisational Psychologists Student Award will:

  1. receive an award of $250 and a certificate acknowledging their achievement;
  2. receive an offer of one year’s membership to APS and the College for the next membership subscription period, provided the successful candidate makes an application for membership within 12 months of receiving the Award and meets other APS and College entry requirements;
  3. have their name and University listed in an edition of the InPsych magazine, as well as the College newsletter;
  4. have their names listed on the APS Awards website.

Closing date

Nominations close at least two (2) months before the Award presentation ceremony.

2017 closing date for submissions is Friday 5 May                                                           (Presentation will be during IOP in July)

Previous winners



  Deakin University Georgette Karvalas
  Griffith University Kelly Wilson 
  Macquarie University Kirby Clark 
  University of Adelaide Tara Zwaans 
  University of New South Wales Luke Brown 
  University of Queensland Tom Norton 
  University of Western Australia Belinda Cham 



This page was last updated 23 Aug 2017