This award recognizes the highest academic performance of a student completing a Master of Psychology (Organisational). An award will be available to eligible students from each University in South Australia offering this APAC accredited degree – currently being the University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide. The aim of the award is to assist students to become full members of the College through the Associate pathway.


  1. The College of Organisational Psychologists (SA) will be responsible for administering the Award and advising representatives of the respective universities of the eligibility criteria.  The College of Organisational Psychologists (SA) will ensure that information is provided to students to give them adequate opportunity to become eligible for the Award.
  2. The National Committee for the College of Organisational Psychologists (SA) will appoint a selection committee to be responsible for selecting an appropriate Award winner. At least three (3) members of this committee will be from the College of Organisational Psychologists (SA).
  3. The Award will be presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the College of Organisational Psychologists (SA).


  1. Nominees must have completed a Masters of Psychology (Organisational) in the twelve months prior to the AGM at which the award is to be presented.
  2. Nominees need not be members of the Society.
  3. It is anticipated that a worthy recipient of a COP Award will achieve an overall Distinction or above. Should the next highest performing student not achieve this standard, discretion will be awarded to the Course Coordinator to assess whether the student has achieved an appropriate level of competency to merit receipt of the Award.

Nomination process

  1. The College of Organisational Psychology (SA) will ask the Coordinators of the Organisational Psychology Masters program at each respective University to nominate the highest overall performing student from the program.
  2. The College of Organisational Psychology (SA) Committee will:
    1. ensure the course coordinators are informed of eligibility criteria at the beginning of the academic year
    2. provide information to students regarding eligibility for the award at the commencement of the academic year, preferably in a face to face format at orientation or other university functions.
    3. provide information to course coordinators regarding the Award and benefits of College membership that can be circulated amongst students at least twice yearly
    4. liaise with the nominee and the APS National Office at the time the nominee seeks to join or renew their APS/COP membership. The nominee is therefore invited to contact the Secretary, COP SA when they intend to renew their existing membership or join the APS.

Value of the award

Successful candidates for the COP (SA) Highest Academic Performance of a Masters Student Award will receive:

  1. a certificate acknowledging their achievement, and
  2. an offer of one year membership of the Society and of the College up to the value of $300, provided the successful candidate makes an application for membership within twelve (12) months of receiving notice of the Award. Any successful candidate who is already an existing member of the Society and the College of Organisational Psychology will be offered their following year’s membership at no cost.

Closing date

Nomination close date to be advised.

Tel: 03 8662 3300

Previous winners

Victoria Adams