The APS College of Forensic Psychologists (QLD) Distinguished Professional Contribution Award is awarded for an outstanding contribution to the field of forensic psychology

This award will mainly acknowledge contributions within the year of the award but can consider the contributions made by an applicant prior to that year. This contribution can be in any area relevant to the practice, study or promotion of forensic psychology, and progresses the profession of psychology within the forensic domain.


  1. The Member Group is responsible for administering the Award and for funding of the Award.
  2. To judge nominations, a Selection Committee of three individuals who hold the grade of Member or Academic Member of the College, will be appointed by the Committee of the Queensland Section of the APS College of Forensic Psychologists.
  3. The Selection Committee will recommend an appropriate recipient(s) for subsequent approval by the APS Board of Directors.
  4. The Selection Committee may advise not to offer an award, if no suitable nomination is received.
  5. Within any given year, the Committee may determine to offer the award to more than one winner, and the award prize amount will be divided between the award winners.
  6. Once the recommended candidate has been approved by the APS Board, the Award will be presented at the following AGM of the Queensland Section of the APS College of Forensic Psychologists or another College event.


Nominees must be fully registered psychologists who hold the grade of Member of the College of Forensic Psychologists (Qld).

Nomination process

  1. The Queensland Section of the College of Forensic Psychologists will seek nominations through email correspondence to Queensland College members, National College members, and Heads of Psychology Departments and Research Centre’s at Queensland Universities, and through an advertisement in the Australian Psychological Society InPsych
  2. Nominations (from any person or organisation) will be forwarded to the Australian Psychological Society – Member Groups Administrator Colleges via fax, email or post.
  3. Nominations will be in the form of written recommendations, each of a maximum length of 300 words, which will be specifically based on the selection criteria and clearly indicates meritorious professional contribution achievements.

Selection criteria

The purpose of the award is to recognise a nominee whose work has led to substantive positive outcomes in terms of contributing to the field of forensic psychology either via practice, education, community service, community education, training and supervision, mentorship, publication, and/or through other activities of a meritorious nature promoting the interests of the State of Queensland and specifically with respect to the provision and development of forensic psychology.

Value of the award

  1. Successful candidates of the award will be presented with a certificate
  2. The total amount presented per year for this award will be $350.00

Closing date

Nominations close the 31 July.

Please send nominations to:

APS Member Groups Administrator (Colleges)
Australian Psychological Society
PO Box 38 Flinders Lane 8009
Fax: 03 9663 6177
Contact: 03 8662 3300

Previous winners

2016 Robert Walkley