The APS College Outstanding Service Award recognises the importance of Outstanding Service to the College by a Member or Academic Member of the College.

Administration of the Award

  1. The Award is the responsibility of each APS College. 
  2. Each College will form a Selection Committee which will review the nominations for the Award. 
  3. The College Award Selection Committee will provide details of the proposed Award winner to the APS Board of Directors for consideration. 
  4. The Selection Committee will recommend only one candidate in respect of each College.


To be eligible to receive the award a candidate must:

  1. have been a Member or Academic Member of the relevant College for a minimum of eight (8) years
  2. not be a current member of a National College Committee during the nomination and selection period for this award.

Nomination process

  1. Calls for nominations for all College Awards will be published in the April edition of InPsych and close no later than 31 July each year. 
  2. Call for nominations will also be made through the College bulk email system. 
  3. Proposers and seconders must hold the grade of Member or Academic Member of the relevant College. 
  4. Each nomination must include the names of two (2) referees who have indicated their willingness to support the nomination; both of whom hold the grade of Member or Academic Member of the relevant College. 
  5. Supporting documents of how the candidate meets the Judging Criteria are to be submitted.

Selection criteria

In judging nominees for the Award, the selection committee will have regard to:

  1. The nominee as indicated by the period of time (over and above the 8 year minimum requirement for eligibility for this award) at the grade of Member or Academic Member of the College
  2. The extent to which the nominee has been active in the affairs of the College throughout the period of their membership of that College, and in their demonstrable contributions in a number of the following areas:
    1. By holding a position on a committee;
    2. The nominee’s past and current activities in mentoring existing and aspiring members of the College;
    3. Training and education activities within the College area;
    4. Chaired College Conference Committees/ Local Organising Committees and/or Scientific programs;
    5. Substantial contribution to submissions
    6. Initiatives such as promotion/ advocacy/ media communications;
    7. Primary organiser of CPD events;
    8. Member recruitment and engagement; 
    9. College-relevant community engagement

Value of the award

Successful candidates for an APS College Outstanding Service Award:

  1. receive a certificate; 
  2. be recognised in InPsych; and 
  3. have their name placed on a web-based College “roll of honour”.

Closing date

No later than 31 July each year