Linkages with international psychology organisations

The APS participation in the international psychological community is facilitated through Memoranda of Understanding with a number of international psychological associations. The APS has MoUs with the British Psychological Society, the American Psychological Association, the New Zealand Psychological Society, the South African Psychological Society, the Canadian Psychological Association, the Japanese Psychological Association, the Indonesian Psychology Association and the Hong Kong Psychological Society. 

Hosting of ICAP 2010

The APS hosted the highly successful 27th International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP 210) in Melbourne in July 2010. The truly international nature of the Congress was demonstrated by 67 different countries being represented among the 3,400 delegates who attended ICAPS 2010.

Assistance with international disasters

The APS offered resources and support to colleagues in New Zealand following the shocking earthquake in Christchurch in February 2011. The New Zealand Psychological Society found the Psychosocial Support in Disasters website very useful and distributed materials widely through the Red Cross, schools, doctors, preschools, community support groups, hospital staff and visitors, and to psychologists.

The APS also provided resources to colleagues in Japan following the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in March 2011. In addition, several members of the APS Disaster Response Network have been involved in supporting Japanese psychologists as they provide support to devastated Japanese communities.

APS Grant for Intercultural and/or International Projects

The APS Grant for Intercultural and/or International Projects encourages and supports innovative projects that have an intercultural and/or international focus and is for the establishment and implementation of successful and sustainable projects related to scientific or professional aspects of psychology.