In 2011, Professor Simon Crowe established the Future of Psychological Science in Australia Taskforce to identify, understand and address the opportunities and challenges arising from the changing environment for the discipline and practice of psychology, and to create a vision and a road map for the future of psychological science going forward to the year 2020.

In order to meet the challenges facing psychology and ensure sustainability toward 2020, psychology must understand and adapt to the continuing changes both in the external environment, and within the profession itself. The 2011-2012 Presidential Initiative therefore aimed to identify:

  • Opportunities for the development of the discipline of psychology based on the needs of academics, students and the public
  • Strategies and tactics to most effectively address these opportunities
  • Opportunities to develop and enhance sustainable partnerships between the key stakeholders to implement new directions for the discipline of psychology and the development of a common public policy agenda
  • A ten-year vision for the future of the discipline of psychology.


Robyn VinesThe Taskforce convened four working parties to conduct
in-depth analysis of the following factors critical to the future of psychological science: securing funding for psychology education and training; sustaining the academic and practitioner workforce; ensuring publication of world class research; and promoting psychological literacy within the community. The working parties met throughout 2011-12 to analyse and form recommendations for future action to meet the challenges associated with the changing environment of psychology.

The results of the work of the Taskforce are presented in the final report Psychology 2020: The 2011-2012 Presidential Initiative on the future of psychological science in Australia.