Teaching and Training Working Group

  • The Teaching and Training Working Group addresses the education and training of psychologists at the secondary education, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • This work includes developing innovative ways to advance psychology at the secondary education level, enhance psychology undergraduate and postgraduate education and training, address changes in education delivery, and improve public education regarding psychology
  • The Teaching and Training Working Group also focuses on key priorities in Indigenous education in line with the aims of the Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association (AIPA) and the APS Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). These priorities include:
    • The integration of Indigenous requirements into the national curriculum
    • Developing cultural competence training  and associated resources for practitioners
    • Working towards increasing the number of Indigenous students in postgraduate psychology programs (members can help support Indigenous postgraduate students by donating to the Bendi Lango Bursary).
  • The Teaching and Training Working Group provides valuable input to submissions to external bodies such as the recent Proposed Standards for Accreditation of Psychology Courses consultation paper

Research Funding Advocacy Working Group

  • The purpose of the Research Funding Advocacy Working Group is to review issues in research funding and look for significant gaps that the group can address to improve outcomes for psychological research.
  • This group actively lobbies and advocates for increases in existing funds and inclusion in new funding schemes.
  • The Research Funding Advocacy Working Group also provides input into relevant submissions made by the APS Society to external bodies. Recent submissions include the Medical Research Future Fund submissions - Two year priorities and Five year strategies and the Driving Innovation, Fairness and Excellence in Australian Higher Education.

Periodicals Advisory Committee (PAC)

  • The Periodicals Advisory Committee (PAC) aims to ensure the quality and standing of the journals and other scientific publications published by the Society and advises the APS Board in journal matters.
  • PAC is responsible for organising the publication of the Society’s main journals including the Australian Journal of Psychology, Australian Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Australian Community Psychologist, Australasian Journal of Organisational Psychology, and The Educational and Developmental Psychologist. They are also responsible for other publications as approved from time to time by the Board.
  • PAC regularly reviews these publications to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the Society and the APS members by publishing high quality research and information.

Prizes and Awards Working Group (PAWG)

  • The Prizes and Awards Working Group reviews the APS Science Awards, the awards nominations/applicants and recommends recipients for the Science Awards to the APS Board.

University Funding Working Group

  • The role/ purpose of the University Funding working group is to lobby for further funding for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  •  The University and Funding Working Group are responsible for sharing expert knowledge, data collection and preparation of cases for advocating for funding.
  • This group also provides input into relevant APS submissions to external bodies regarding psychology program funding.