This award encourages and recognises excellence in the area of occupational health psychology research. The award is for the best empirical research project completed as part of an APAC accredited fourth year program in psychology.


  1. The Occupational Health Psychology Interest Group (OHP IG) is responsible for administering and funding the Award.
  2. The National Committee for the Occupational Health Psychology Interest Group will appoint a selection committee of at least three members from the Occupational Health Psychology Interest Group to be responsible for recommending an appropriate Award winner to the Board of Directors.
  3. The selection committee will not include any person involved in the supervision or publication of the nominated work.
  4. Students will be informed of the outcome of the award by email only, and winners will be announced in the OHP IG newsletter, in InPsych and at the OHP IG annual general meeting.    


Nominees must be currently enrolled in a psychology fourth year program (Honours or Postgraduate Diploma), at an Australian tertiary institution, either at the time of application or in the year preceding the date of their nomination. Nominees are not required to be members of the APS.

Nomination process

  1. Call for nominations will be advertised in the OHP IG newsletter.
  2. Nominations can be accepted from a nominee, a nominee supervisor or the nominee’s Head of Department, providing this is done in consultation with the nominee.
  3. Nominations are to be made by submitting the title and abstract or summary of the work (thesis, publication, research or project completed towards the thesis) in no more than 500 words. While the 500 word summary will be the main document considered in assessing the award, one of the following supplementary materials can be submitted electronically (provided it is no more than 12,000 words).
    1. the completed thesis or
    2. an accepted or submitted journal paper or book chapter reporting on part or all of the research work, or
    3. a report based on the research that has been submitted to a relevant organisation.
  4. Nominations are to include a cover sheet with the nominee and nominator’s contact details, and the nominee’s institute and course of study. Contact details must be provided to ensure contact can be made with nominees in the following year.
  5. Nominations must be accompanied by a signed declaration by the supervisor or Head of Department that the nominee is completing, or has completed (with date of completion) an eligible fourth year course.  
  6. Nominations should include a statement of recommendation from the nominator, or where the nominator is the nominee, a statement from the supervisor or head of department, outlining the reasons for considering the work to be excellent.
  7. Nominations are to be sent electronically to and addressed to the Chair of the Selection Committee of the OHP IG.

Selection criteria

  1. Each nomination will be assessed according to the following criteria:
    1. Contribution to extending the knowledge base on Occupational Health Psychology (50%) which, for the purposes of this award, is defined as being the application of psychology to improving the quality of work life, and to protecting and promoting the safety, health and well-being of workers), and
    2. Quality of the research (50%)
  2. The committee will rate each nominee on the above criteria and the successful nominee will be selected upon the basis of the aggregate marks assigned by the selection committee.
  3. In any one year the committee may choose not to offer an award.

Value of the award

  1. The winner of the APS Occupational Health Psychology Interest Group Student Fourth Year Award will receive an award of $200 and a certificate. 
  2. The committee may also offer up to three Commendations where the submission is judged as excellent but the student does not win the Award.
  3. The winner and student(s) who have received a commendation will also have their membership or subscription to the OHP IG paid for, if eligible, for the following year.
  4. The winner and student(s) who have received a commendation may also be invited to present their work at a conference and/or prepare their work to feature in the OHP IG newsletter.

Closing date

Nominations close on 15 November

Member Group Administrator
Tel: 03 8662 3300

Previous winners




Sarah Lacey

Increasing health behaviours in shift workers via SMS: An applied study design

Stephanie Jamison
Mindfulness at work: Identifying the pathways to employee psychological health and well-being.


Emma O’Donnell
An Experimental Investigation of the Job Demand Control Model.


Linda Tuxford
The Role of Job Demands and Resources in the Emotional Exhaustion of Primary School Teachers.