There are significant changes to specific disorders presented in the DSM-5. Detailed articles on some of the specific disorders in the DSM-5 that have undergone substantial change are being commissioned from APS experts to provide an outline of the changes and information on the implications for practice and research. From mid-2013, one article will be published in each forthcoming edition of InPsych and these will be posted online as they become available.

Overview of revisions in the DSM-5:
Revisions in the DSM-5 - what's changed?

Changes to specific disorders in the DSM-5:
The new autism: Changes in DSM-5
(August 2013)
Professor Cheryl Dissanayake MAPS and Dr Giacomo Vivanti

Eating disorders: Changes in DSM-5 (October 2013)
Professor Tracey Wade MAPS

Child behaviour problems: Changes in the DSM-5 (December 2013)
Dr David Hawes MAPS

Substance-related and addictive disorders: Changes in DSM-5 (February 2014)
Professor David Kavanagh FAPS

A new diagnosis in DSM-5: Hoarding disorder (April 2014)
Professor Michael Kyrios FAPS

Personality disorders and the DSM-5 (June 2014)
Associate Professor Ross King MAPS

Bereavement and depression in the DSM-5 (August 2014)
Christopher Hall