As well as physical and practical preparation, it is helpful for people to know how to prepare psychologically before a cyclone and how to cope emotionally during or after a cyclone. The following resources can help.

Don't panic: Be prepared

Helpful tips for being psychologically prepared as you get ready for the cyclone season.

APS tip sheet: Psychological preparation for natural disasters

This APS tip sheet outlines the importance of being psychologically prepared and provides the steps to take for psychological preparation when a natural disaster is threatening.

Preparing children for the threat of a cyclone: Information for parents and carers

This brochure provides ways of assisting parents and carers to help children manage their fears and to have a greater sense of being in control in cyclone or warning situations.


APS tip sheet: Understanding and managing psychological trauma

This APS tip sheet outlines the symptoms of psychological trauma and provides tips on how to manage it.

Seeking further help

A qualified mental health professional such as a psychologist can help you to understand and deal with the thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with the trauma of a cyclone. Speak to your GP about a referral to a psychologist or phone the APS Find a Psychologist service on 1800 333 497. Alternatively, you can locate a psychologist in your area by visiting the APS Find a Psychologist website.

Find a Psychologist button

Additional resources

Red Cross resources for children

Includes Get ready! and After the emergency booklets

Preparedness and disaster planning

Resources from the Australian Child & Adolescent Trauma, Loss & Grief Network (ACATLGN).

Tips from American Psychological Association (APA)