Coping with flood disaster

Floods affect everyone in different ways.  Some people are directly affected, family or friends or your community may have suffered significant losses, or you may have been even more indirectly affected by watching the events unfold in the media. 

But there is a lot that you can do to look after yourself and help with your recovery.
Psychologists at the Australian Psychological Society provide some general advice to help people to look after themselves.

Looking after children who have been affected by floods: Guidelines for parents and caregivers

Children are not always able to express complex feelings in the same direct way that adults do and therefore do not often show the same reactions to stress as adults. It is therefore very important to look out for changes in children's behaviour that suggest they are unsettled or distressed.

APS tip sheet: Understanding and managing psychological trauma

This APS tip sheet outlines the symptoms of psychological trauma and provides tips on how to manage it.

Seeking further help

A qualified mental health professional such as a psychologist can help you to understand and deal with the thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with the trauma of the floods. Speak to your GP about a referral to a psychologist or phone the APS Find a Psychologist service on 1800 333 497. Alternatively, you can locate a psychologist in your area by visiting the APS Find a Psychologist website.

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Additional resources

Red Cross resources for children

Includes Get ready! and After the emergency booklets