International experts on fear and anxiety disorders, attentional control theory and language impairment are among keynote speakers who will address the 47th Annual APS Conference, to be held in Perth in September this year.

The Conference, scheduled from Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 September, will provide APS members with a unique opportunity to meet with and learn from these eminent scholars, as well as to participate in presentations that relate to research and practice and to network with peers formally and informally.

The Conference has been specifically designed to ensure that members with a range of interests will be able to meet varied CPD requirements effectively in a single event. Opportunities for peer consultation sessions, as part of this CPD fulfilment, will also be available.

Professor Michelle Craske

International keynote speaker Professor Michelle Craske, the Director of the Anxiety Disorders Research Centre, at UCLA in California will provide an address on exposure therapy for anxiety and co-morbid depression. She has published widely on the topics of fear and anxiety disorders, their etiology, assessment and treatment, producing more than 280 research articles, reviews and chapters, plus more than 20 academic and clinical practice books.

Professor Michael Eysenck

Another international keynote speaker, Professor Michael Eysenck, is one of the best known names in British psychology and has had a major impact in the area of cognitive psychology. He has developed several theories, including attentional control theory, which will form the basis of his Conference address. He has authored over 200 research publications and over 40 books, and continues to be involved in work on long-term memory, the psychology of texting, and anxiety and cognition at Royal Holloway at the University of London.

Professor Dorothy Bishop

The third international keynote speaker is Professor Dorothy Bishop from the University of Oxford, who is an expert on specific language impairment (SLI) in children, a condition identified when an unusual difficulty in language acquisition exists alongside otherwise normal development. Her keynote address will focus on how neuroscience can inform interventions for language impairment. Professor Bishop has developed seven language assessment instruments and is the author of six books and a large body of research in the area of language impairment.

Invited speakers

Alongside these highly sought-after international speakers, the Conference will also feature invited addresses from eminent Australian psychologists who will each in part address the conference theme: ‘Psychology addressing the challenges of the modern age’. Professor Geoffrey Cumming MAPS, the winner of the 2011 APS President’s Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology in Australia, will speak on The new statistics: What all psychologists need to know, while Professor Trevor Waring FAPS , the recipient of the 2011 APS Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Education Award will address the conference on Psychology, backwards and forwards. Honorary Fellow of the APS, Emeritus Professor Graham Davidson Hon FAPS will present the 2011 Fellows Address, Does culture as an explanatory construct facilitate or frustrate the advancement of psychological theory
and practice?

In addition to invited addresses, the 2012 APS Conference program will be complemented by presentations of the latest psychological research, plus a series of how-to sessions, practical workshops and peer consultation opportunities across the various streams of psychology. The event, to be held at Perth’s state-of-the-art Convention and Exhibition Centre, has attracted much interest from APS members from across the discipline and profession of psychology.

Attendance at the Conference will allow APS members to broaden their knowledge and expertise, and accrue a large number of professional development hours including peer consultation opportunities. More information on speakers and their topics, plus information about registration, is available on the Conference website ( Further details on the full program will be available on the site shortly.

Professor Alfred Allan FAPS
Conference Chair

In Psych June 2012